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Social Media Integration With Email Marketing

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There seems to be a feeling among many online marketers that email marketing is in decline, especially due to the rapid increase of social media platforms. But the facts are contrary to this assumption. Today, e-mail marketing is considered among the leading most online marketing platforms that are gaining popularity by the day. This is the reason why more and more businesses prefer to integrate their social media accounts with email marketing tools.

Email Marketing

So, if your business already has a huge fan-following on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or LinkedIn and is not connected with your email services, make that connection now. Here are all the more reasons how you should go about doing so:

1. Add an Email Option on your Social Media Page

So, your business has many Facebook or Twitter followers and you want to further promote your services to them? Try adding the email icon on your social media pages. Marketers often believe that social media platforms have limited capacities of expression and that emails have larger capacities of data representation. Therefore, by adding an email icon on your social media pages, you will give your marketing team better options in furthering their marketing strategies.

Besides the icon option, you can also add a custom template, such as “Sign Up to your Newsletter”. Try to make it look interesting for the visitors and you will have a great blend of two successful marketing mediums all at one location.

2. Start an e-mail Campaign

A great way to merge the two platforms is to start off a fresh online campaign. The main aim of this campaign should be to spread awareness that your email and social media pages are connected. Here is how this should be done:

  • The emails should contain brief information on “The benefits of attaining both your email and social media services”.
  • Throughout your messages, there should be links to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others.

Before starting, it is important that you first identify your target audience. If you are targeting more than one group of audiences then try to create different messages for each group. This way you will be able to attain a better response from your sent messages. For example, (18-25 year olds) have a completely different preference of style in email messages as compared to adults (40-50 year olds). So, whenever you send your email messages, make sure that it is according to the taste of the receivers.

3. Make Sharing/Access to the Content Easier

Let’s face it. Your customers will appreciate your message if it is read and accessed with ease. Many online marketers prefer to keep their messages short and concise, pertaining to the information of their product/service on the social media platforms. These are followed by detailed descriptions in their emails. By connecting your social media pages with email services, you will allow your receivers to choose whether they want to go through the brief or detailed version of your messages. It will also be easier for your potential customers to share their content of choice with their friends and family. This will only add up to the efficiency of your marketing campaign as you will attain a higher response rate.

Several studies related to online marketing have concluded that the merger of email marketing with social media pages is great for any business. Whether you are the owner of a small local factory or a large multinational corporation, this connectivity will only allow you to strengthen your marketing efforts. So, if you haven’t made this connection then do so – as this will most likely aid your business in the longer term.

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