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Sony Xperia Z4 Image Leaked Online?

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When the Korean and Taiwanese smartphone giants were going all crazy to beat one another on the stages of Mobile World Congress 2015, another Japanese giant Sony just sat by there and judged the battle. They haven’t uttered a single word regarding the new flagship device they are about to release, which is most likely to be named the Sony Xperia Z4 following the predecessors’ naming strategy. MWC 2015 didn’t have anything to showcase about the Sony Xperia Z4, but that doesn’t mean Sony is just sitting there without making any progress in their R&D. An alleged image leak of the Sony Xperia Z4 has gone viral on the internet – and guess what, the photos looked actual from every possible angle.

Sony Xperia Z4


If you are speaking about revolution, then yes that’s probably going to happen in Sony’s style with the Xperia Z4. But speaking of the design, it might not be revolutionary but it fusions the previous generations into a newer look – that’s what we can tell from the leaked images, given that they are real. It’s still a OmniBalance based design like you have seen in the earlier builds, and the prominent power button, the volume rocker everything are on their respective places. Seems like Sony has made promises to never move their buttons by an inch – they stay where they forever have been. It’s definitely good, though. Especially for Sony users – they don’t have to get used to a newer button placement every time they make an upgrade.

On the leaked images, we couldn’t locate any port flaps that are basically protection against water and dust – the IP67 standard Sony has been putting in their flagship smartphones since Xperia Z. This time Sony has either made a rearrangement or simply invented some new techniques to conceal the ports. Nonetheless, the resistance levels still remain same. Or they might get even better.

The headphone jack still remains on top of the leaked prototype design image. However, we have noticed a new jack next to the USB jack in the bottom. Since Sony hasn’t released any technical details yet, we couldn’t figure out what could that port be used for. However, we hadn’t noticed the dock connectors on the sides of the Sony Xperia Z4 either. Now could this be a new dock connector, or something as silly as a USB-C port right next to a Micro USB port? We still have to wait for a long time.

Surprisingly, on the concept design rendering there wasn’t anything on the rear panel. Not even a scratch, which isn’t normal. We assume that image wasn’t a finished piece of work and hence the rear panel was plain spotless. Of course, the rear panel would have the Sony logo if nothing else.


No official words on the hardware specs yet, but we expect to see a Snapdragon 810 SoC with 5.2 inch QHD display and 20.7 megapixels camera on board. The device would run Android Lollipop, the latest build of it for sure. And 64 bit processing capability is going to be a built-in feature as well.


The design leak indicated that the unveiling event is nearing by. Now we are eagerly waiting for the final release, to know what surprise is waiting for us. Follow us for more updates on the Sony Xperia Z4.

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