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Start using MobiKin Doctor for Android for Windows

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MobiKin Doctor for Android is very useful and efficient windows software that can help you to recover deleted contacts, Photos, SMS, and other files from android devices. It is supported by Windows 8 / 8.1 / 7 / XP / Vista, and various types of android device models. Let’s see some of the opportunities provided by MobiKin Android, as well as its supported Android OS / device models, and operating mode.

Doctor for Android

MobiKin recovers up to 8 types of Android data

In the nowadays’ digital life, android devices are one of the most popular among thousands of other portable devices and applications. It is inevitable that unlimited types of files (such as email address, messages, music, phone numbers, photos, documents and others) must be saved in some your device. Unfortunately, the data can be lost from your android mobile phone or tablet for various reasons – accidentally deleted files, the attack of a software virus, and many other reasons. It is very unpleasant to lose some important files permanently and therefore you need to start using the MobiKin Doctor for Android. This professional iOS file recovery program, enables you to:

  • Recover up to 8 different types of Android data: media files (photos, music and movies), messages, documents, contacts / phone numbers, email address and so on.
  • Using MobiKin Doctor for Android, various documents and media files will be saved as their original format, and they can be capable for further viewing or editing.
  • Also, you can restore and save contacts and SMS as TXT or HTML format on your personal computer, but it requires a ROOT access on Android phone.

Supports 2000+ android iOS & various types of android device models

Each modern recovery program for iOS or Android devices must be the high compatibility. This is one of the most important properties of recovery programs, because there are many Android phones & tablets brands and models on the market today. The MobiKin Doctor for Android has been tested on many models of Android mobile phones and tablets for hundreds of times. Also, it has added the latest software technology into the program to improve its use. So, let’s see what this professional data recovery program supports.

  • The MobiKin is compatible with all Android devices that are manufactured by Google, Asus, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Sony, and so on.
  • Also, it works well with all new Android versions, such as Android 4.4 Kitkat, and others.
  • If you have an “unrooted” device, you do not have to worry. The MobiKin doctor for Android can restore photos and video files from your unrooted device. However, if you need to recover all files from your device, you have to root android that device firstly.

Before recovery, the MobiKin previews all contents in detail

The MobiKin previews the contents in detail before any recovery, and make you check whether certain files are really necessary for you. This useful feature can significantly save your time and restore all necessary data.

  • All deleted or lost files are marked in striking red color, what makes review very visible and convenient.
  • Previews text conversation or the detailed contacts list in the program, and decides which files / date you need to keep. After this decision, the MobiKin doctor for Android will mark these files for further restoring – with just one click.
  • Videos or images can be viewed in a “Thumbnail view mode”. It enables you to quickly find your target videos / photos or other media files if you need them.

The MobiKin works as a professional backup software tool

In addition the MobiKin works as a professional android recovery program, it also operates as the android backup program. This software has ability to display and scan all deleted or existing data on the computer & android phone device. It enables you to select all needed files and to transfer them from some portable device to your computer for backup.

  • Transfer and backup all types of data from android devices to your personal computer with just a few clicks.
  • Save messages, contacts and call history as TXT or HTML format on your personal computer.
  • Also, the MobiKIn doctor for Android can quickly save all your media files (photos, music and movies) in the original format as you like.

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