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Studio Setup Ideas For Digital Creatives

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If you are someone who earns a living by being creative, you need to work in an environment that fires your imagination to keep those innovative and exciting ideas coming, and that highlights your personality. 

Essentials for a creative environment 

The first element for a digital creative’s studio has to be light, and plenty of it. Ensure that the most is made of natural light by not obscuring the windows with heavy curtains. Instead, dress the windows with blinds or shutters so that the light can be regulated rather than blocked out altogether. Of course, a professional digital creative is often sitting in front of a computer screen, so it is essential that the light does not reflect off the screen and make it impossible to see things clearly. Angle the screen away from the light, perhaps by having the back to the windows. This may also provide you with a pleasant, inspirational view. 

Keeping it simple

The digital world is one of neatness, with everything filed away in digital folders, and many professional creatives reflect this in the way they keep their desks and studios. For example, Simon Collison, a web designer, keeps his work desk free of extraneous clutter, featuring only a desktop computer with keyboard, mouse and speakers, a DECT phone, a pen pot, a desk lamp and a few reference books. Chris Coyier is another working minimalist, with his workspace featuring only computer equipment. However, there are some digital creatives who personalize their space with a small object that has precious memories which can help to inspire them. Andy Clarke, for example, has all the usual computer equipment but also has the head of General Ursus from the movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes sitting on his desk. 

Be comfortable

Comfort should feature highly in any interior design scheme and especially so in a digital creative’s workspace. The studio is going to need seating, not just a computer chair for sitting at a desk, but comfortable seating to relax in and form ideas. However, this should not just be any old seating arrangement, but something that reflects up-to-the-minute digital creativity. Consider having an edgy leather sofa that can seat up to three, but is best when used for just one!

Be artistic

All creatives need to be inspired, and productivity can be stimulated by making clever choices regarding wall colors and designs. For example, blues and greens are colors that are known to be both calming and inspiring, while reds can bring on feelings of aggression and serve to inhibit creativity. You can also personalize your workspace by decorating a plain wall with a mural or by using paint to write large, inspirational quotes by authors or other design heroes. 

A studio is a place of work, but it also needs to be a place that will inspire the creative and lead to an increased output of digital designs and ideas. Decorate your studio to reflect your personality and cater to your working needs.

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