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The Importance Of Embracing Green Manufacturing Processes In The Future

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As fossil fuels become scarcer and go up in price, it will be extremely important for industry and the general public to embrace green manufacturing processes. 

Green manufacturing will be essential

Although many businesses are aware of alternative energy sources and green manufacturing techniques, numerous circumstances prevent them from giving them the attention they deserve. For example, the initial cost of implementing green manufacturing processes can be substantial. A firm might not feel that they have the capital to spend even if it is a better choice for the long term future of their business. In the future businesses might not have much of a choice if they want to continue to be profitable. Switching to greener technologies now can help a firm be prepared for the future. It is also safe to assume that being prepared and planning for a change is much easier than being forced to change without any planning.

Solar energy

green manufacturing

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Solar energy has become a lot less expensive to implement over the last few years. One of its advantages is that it can be very space efficient for the amount of energy produced. This is due to the fact that solar panels can be mounted on poles or ideally on the roof of manufacturing facilities. They can be used to store energy that can be used during peak production times. This can save a company a lot of money, especially if they are in an area where peak electrical rates can apply to them. 

Hydroelectric power 

While hydroelectric can generate a lot of power, it is not without its problems. Concerns over fish habitat and migration have caused problems at some hydroelectric power sites. There is also a large amount of infrastructure that is required to make hydroelectric feasible. 


Wind power can be a good source of renewable energy in areas that have steady winds and not a lot of extremely high winds. Improvements in turbines have been made to improve how well they can take hurricanes and other weather extremes. Daniel Yergin is an energy expert that has dedicated his career to finding viable solutions to energy problems for both manufacturers and consumers. He is the author of the Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Prize” which introduces key concepts in the debate of the future of energy all over the world. In his book he introduces the reader to the reality and future of wind power for industry.

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