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The Inimitable Benefits Of Cloud Based Document Management Systems

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Business and data can never be separated; even a day when your customer sales reps are not able to take down a single order for your products, you can still have data added into your office data management system. Even for small to medium sized businesses, gone are the days when employees used to work in silos, stuck to their respective systems all day long. Cross functional teams are the order of the day, as are geographically separated teams operating in different time zones. All these changing business aspects have a bearing on the conventional data management practices being undertaken in organizations.

Virtual Data Rooms

Today, the average employee has a desktop, a network connected phone, a personal phone that could double up as a business device, and shared access to printers, scanners, etc. With so many devices coming into picture, data needs to be digital to be easily manageable, and needs to be stored at accessible servers so that employees are never too far from the data. However, that’s not always possible, and that’s where cloud based data management services come into the picture. These services take physical storage devices such as hard disks and USB drives out of the equation, and bring in a revolution to data management, facilitating better data efficiency, collaborative work, and proper workflow. Let’s understand the prime benefit of cloud based data management systems.

Quick access, from anywhere

Cloud based document management systems are nothing but directories holding your uploaded documents, and accessible through Internet, from a device that supports Internet. Because of this, all you need is a device that’s Internet enabled, and a good Internet connection, apart from the authorization to view the cloud based data folders. Imagine a sales rep dealing with a customer, and being expected to manage looking for data on multiple machines, and even some USB drives! That’s sure to make him/her lose the customer; but not so with cloud based document management services. A simple search through the visual interface using the search option is all you need, and the requested data will be served right on your screen.

Simpler, cheaper, and quicker – everything’s right about cloud based document management services

Offline document management systems and IT installations are time consuming, hard to understand, and expensive. On the contrary, cloud based document management solutions are out of the box, simple to understand, easy to set up (some of them can be set up in not more than 15 minutes), come with expert consultancy for free (from the sales and service pres of the cloud based service provider), and most importantly, cost much less than their counterparts. Even employee training, if any, required for managing the cloud solution is provided for free by the vendor.

Multifaceted document management made as simple as 1-2-3

Cloud based services are really taking the business world by storm, and cloud based data management solutions are leading the revolution. Apart from being simple and better data management and access solutions for businesses, these services also pack in some astounding features that increase their worth and benefits for a business. For instance, sophisticated cloud based data management services come with peripheral capabilities such as conversion of documents between formats, scanned pdf to excel and other combinations, for example. Moreover, employees can collaborate (simultaneously work on the same document or folder) by using the cloud service. Apart from this, strong access management can be enabled, wherein employees can be given different levels of access to the data, for instance, read, write, and share capabilities. All these features make cloud based data storage and management services a source of efficiency and productivity enhancement for modern businesses.

Security and speed are at the core of cloud based services

Service providers offering cloud based solutions have made massive investments in possessing and creating the perfect secure infrastructure to support their services. The sophistication of the IT infrastructure that they leverage to provide you the data management service is incomparable to the ordinary business’ in-house IT Infrastructure. This gives you access to the best of security and speed of access, at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise have to incur for your business. 

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