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5 Ways to Use Technology to Stay on Top of Your Monthly Budget

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If you are a technology fanatic, you likely love to post on social media, take selfies, check out the latest gadgets, and automate your home using technology. While all of these uses for technology make life more fun, and infinitely more convenient, technology has plenty of practical uses as well. One of the biggest uses for technology in our modern day is within the realm of finances. There is no end to the websites, apps, gadgets, and websites that have been specifically designed to help you track, manage, and save your money. If you could use a little extra help when it comes to staying on top of your monthly budget, let the following forms of technology lend you a hand:


iPhone Apps

iReconcile and MoneyBook are apps offered on the iPhone platform. They come with loads of features, such as extensive reporting, a tool to track budgets and a check register. iReconcile allows unused funds from any month to be rolled over to the next month. MoneyBook has a nifty feature that allows notes to be added in any category to single transactions. iReconcile has cloud storage from $2 to $20 monthly, while MoneyBook provides a free cloud account.

Android Apps

Financisto and EasyMoney apps will manage more than your monthly budget. Financisto has features allowing you to set-up recurring payments and manage credit cards. A report feature provides snapshots of the entire budget or specific categories. EasyMoney is a checkbook register, expense tracker, budget manager and bill reminder. It allows users to take pictures of receipts so there is no need to keep them. Another feature allows transactions to be split into multiple expense categories.

Versatile Mint on Computer, iPhone & Android

As mentioned earlier, there is an app that is compatible for multiple platforms. Mint is one of the most widely used by consumers. It has features that do the budgeting work for you with automatic updates to balances and transactions. A checking, retirement and savings account can be synched that allows real-time account overviews. It also has a feature that notifies you about bill due dates, or when you run over budget.

Budget Programs is a free budget program that is also available on iPhone. It offers budget tracking and bill paying. There is a bill reminder and payment combo feature. Quicken is a popular program that budgets and manages every aspect of personal finances. With bill pay, tracking and reminder features, creating and staying within your budget is simple. It also saves information for tax time.

Budget Websites

Doxo has a multitude of features including budgeting and tracking bills. It offers a unique feature to reach several service and utility providers with bill paying capability. There is a storage feature for e-bills. provides features for linking bank accounts for paying bills and moving funds. It also offers a bill reminder feature.

Regardless of the technology you decide on, it will be a snap to create a budget and stick to it. It simply requires finding the tool that fits your taste and needs.

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This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves to write for business, finance, and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters. Dixie got advice for this article from professionals who specialize in debt collection merchant accounts.

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