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Actual Window Manager: New Windows 10 UI Features in Windows 7/8

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Actual Tools announces a new version of Actual Window Manager, an efficient tool for extending the functionality of Windows OS. Version 8.3 allows Windows 7/8 users to enjoy the new features of Windows 10, like Virtual Desktops and Snap Assist, without the need for switching to the new OS.

With the announcement of Windows 10, Microsoft users were left with a choice: to keep the old and already familiar system and miss the new improvements, or switch to the latest operating system and get the updated functionality. Actual Window Manager 8.3 helps solve this problem. The new version introduces the most notable interface enhancements of Windows 10, Virtual Desktops and Snap Assist.

Actual Window Manager

Virtual Desktops is a time-proven technology for organizing workspace while working with a multi-tasking operating system. It allows users to easily distribute applications in the most convenient way between different desktops, transfer them from one virtual desktop to another in one click, and get full control over the settings for each desktop. In addition, the user receives a very handy visual tool that allows controlling the location of running programs on all virtual desktops simultaneously.

Snap Assist is an extension of the Aero Snap feature introduced in Windows 7. It allows users to quickly arrange 2-4 windows on the screen without overlapping or gaps between them, i.e. use the screen space most efficiently.

New features are identical to their counterparts in Windows 10, while some of their aspects are improved. All this allows users of the new version of Actual Window Manager to stay with their usual system and get even more control over its functions to enhance its usability and productivity. For more information about new features, please read the following article: 

Pricing and availability

Actual Window Manager runs on all Windows platforms from Windows 2000 onwards and costs 49.95 USD for a single-user license. Discounts for volume buyers are available ( Additionalinformation on Actual Window Manager, a collection of tutorial articles and success stories, and a 60-day evaluation copy are available on the Actual Tools website. 


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Actual Tools delivers desktop and window management software since 2002. Highly acclaimed products keep receiving positive reviews both from press and end users. Each program by Actual Tools, a user friendly piece of software itself, brings more convenience to Windows by adding quick-access yet powerful functions.

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