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CRM Essentials For Merchant Success

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Every seasoned merchant knows the value of a good customer relationship management system. Software programs and different tools exist to make the CRM process smooth for merchants and their workers. The key idea for merchants to remember when choosing a CRM system is to make sure it is easy for employees to use and that it will yield benefits for customers.

CRM Essentials

What CRM Should Do For Customers

Since the customers do not directly use the CRM system, merchants must set goals of what they hope to achieve for customers with their CRM. By ensuring it is easy for workers to use, it is easier to see the benefits passed on to customers. To do this, think from the perspective of the customers. What would they want? The following are some top ways to keep customers happy:

  • A personalized shopping experience.
  • A company that knows about its individual customers.
  • An easy-to-use platform for e-commerce and contact features.

To achieve these goals, a merchant must have a system that integrates e-commerce solutions with CRM. In addition to this, it is important to have a system that collects information about customers that makes them unique. Collect information to track their shopping activities and interests. By collecting this vital e-commerce data, it is easier to evaluate the shopping experience of the customers.

What CRM Should Do For Merchants

There are four valuable tools every new merchant needs. These tools set the foundation for a solid CRM system and ensure that clients are happy and become repeat customers.

Customer Segmentation

A good tool to have is customer segmentation. This allows the merchant to see customers across various data sets. Being able to view customers across various campaigns and sales channels is key for improving the customer experience and increasing conversion rates. This feature should include advanced options for data selection, filtering, segment creation options, marketing persona creation, behavior monitoring, satisfaction measuring and engagement metrics.

CCRM is a style of customer relationship management that focuses on customer preferences instead of customer leverage. This is a nascent sub-discipline of traditional customer relationship management; to take advantage of changes in communications technology.

Customer centric organizations help customers make better decisions and it also helps drive profitability. CCRM adds value by engaging customers in individual, interactive relationships.


Thorough data sets are crucial for running a business effectively. A good CRM tool to have is one that allows the creation of reports and dashboards. Charts, filtering and applied reports are just a few important features. The applied reports should be able to include information such as source-based opportunities, and stage-based opportunities. There should be links to opportunities, accounts, contacts and leads. It is also important to have access to previous emails and calls, and every merchant needs the option of having a calendar view for a better perspective.

Data Integration

Merchants must be able to view customers from different perspectives to spot opportunities. Without data integration, this is almost impossible. With data integration, it is possible to add more marketing systems and sales channels. By using information about customers’ preferences and shopping habits, this allows the merchant to have a unique view of customers that opens up opportunities they would never have otherwise seen.

Campaign Tools

No CRM system is complete without campaign tools. A good tool evaluates the results after each campaign, generates summaries and provides a detailed report. The reports should always highlight performances and include time graphs.

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