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Find Out About All Benefits of Pyrus Online Service and Make Your Daily Work Smarter

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If your daily business is linked to the online collaboration and you want to improve it, check out one very useful online service – called Pyrus on this website Let’s see what this service provides to users, in several steps:

1. Approve your documents and keep every business processes in the loop

Pyrus lets users to automate the approval of orders, proposals, technical specifications, budgets, attendance lists, as well as any other essential documents. So, you can create a certain task and attach all relevant documents and data for approval.

Also, you can include a number of required people in the approvals list. Other team members will see a task in their inbox, so they can reject or approve it (with their comment). Teammates’ feedback is very important because it enables task’s authors to see other opinions and suggestions. When you complete a revision of your document, you can request approvals selectively – from each team member.

Your teammates can also view previous document versions and the entire comment history (just on one page). No more malingering and confusions in your team (did someone read a document or not) – Pyrus already knows!

Typical workflows of the team / company can be easily set up in a project’s settings. When you apply a certain project workflow to a given task, the approvals list related to that project will be added to your task automatically.

Pyrus is the ideal application tool for coordinating and tracking work processes across different locations. Just to mention that all approving documents are also possible for the Pyrus mobile app!


2. Task management and delegate tasks

With Pyrus, you can reduce the amount of daily emails by 75% in your inbox! All tasks will appear in inbox when you need to do something; when it is done, they will simply disappear. Let us get to know in more detail how it works.

Every time when you open Pyrus, you will see all pending tasks in one specific inbox. It will notice you to finish them – i.e., what you need to get done. Therefore, if you want to achieve “zero-inbox”, do all tasks assigned to you! After finishing your task, just forward it on for further necessary action to team supervisor or other colleague. Once you delegate that task to someone else in the team, it will immediately disappear from your Inbox.

There is another great feature of Pyrus. You can schedule your tasks to be done at a future time. A task will automatically leave your Inbox and it will be placed in the so-called Scheduled folder. On the date you scheduled, a task will reappear again in your Inbox (along with a reminder).

If your participation in task is no longer necessary, you can unsubscribe from a task – with one simple click. All new updates related to that task will no longer appear in your Inbox.

Big tasks can be divided into several smaller subtasks. Each subtask has its own access restrictions, deadlines, as well as a person assigned to him. You can quickly copy conversations and files from the main large task into a subtask in order to keep your business moving.

3. Always online

There is another great thing regarding Pyrus. Pyrus’ Apps for mobile phones work even when you do not have internet access. You wonder how? When you get back online (after internet disconnection), it will sync everything you have worked while you were offline. So, just work task and don’t pay attention do you work online or offline.

4. Automate your task management and business processes

Pyrus enables you to handle large volumes of calls, orders, requests and other tasks efficiently by creating suitable automated workflows. That’s not all. It also enables following operations:

  • Create appropriate form template for any business process.
  • Create a workflow depending on the field values of the form.
  • Specify who will manage the business process and who can fill the forms.
  • Provide illustrated instructions for especially complex processes.
  • You can create a summary report for analysis.

5. Security and Access Controls

Create custom access settings for each of the team members, track team’s progress and protect your data. Pyrus has implemented several levels of organizational, physical as well as technical security measures to safeguard information. Therefore, just work and don’t worry about the security of your data!

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