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Remote Ripple Makes Access to Remote Desktops Fast and Secure

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GlavSoft announces an update to its remote desktop client app for Android. The new version of Remote Ripple delivers fast and secure control over Windows, Mac and Linux remote desktops enhanced by automatic quality adjustment to meet the bandwidth of a connection and SSH encryption to create hacker-proof VNC connections.

Remote Desktop

Accessing a computer from another desktop PC isn’t a problem for a long time. However, the niche of mobile remote desktops is relatively new. Remote Ripple is an Android application providing easy access to almost any typical remote desktop operations on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. That is, a user can easily see what’s going on on his or her computer and manage it just as usual.

The latter is possible thanks to the intuitive and customary “mouse tool” – a special in-app widget simulating the behavior of a hardware mouse. Although, an external mouse USB or Bluetooth can also be connected.

The new version 2.3 introduces two major improvements. The first is automatic image quality adjustment intended to maintain good performance of the remote desktop even on slow Internet connections like EDGE or 3G. Previously, a user had to select the desired quality manually. Now, Remote Ripple measures connection speed and automatically adjusts image quality accordingly.

The second novelty is strengthened app security due to support for SSH encrypted connections. The VNC protocol underlying remote desktop operations implies only server-side authentication, which is insecure as an attacker could intercept unencrypted packets sent from and to the server and easily read them. Remote Ripple fixes this weakness by creating a secure SSH tunnel and opening a VNC connection inside it. And the only prerequisite to use this new option is installing an SSH server to the target network.

Pricing and availability

Remote Ripple runs on Android 2.1 and higher and is available in free and PRO editions. The features of SSH tunneling and automatic connection speed detection followed by auto-adjustment of image quality are available in the PRO edition only. The price of the PRO edition is $3.99.


GlavSoft LLC is a software development company specializing in remote desktop technologies. Founded in 2006, the company rooted from an Open Source project called TightVNC that was launched earlier in 2001 and is now used by millions of individuals and IT companies worldwide.


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