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Why You Should Have An iPhone 5

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Are you trying to decide what type of phone to get? There are so many options out there that choosing on can seem overwhelming. The apple iPhone is probably the best-known smartphone, and if you’re interested in getting one then you’ll find a number of advantages. Here are some of the best reasons to get an iPhone 5. 

Ease of Use 

First of all, the phone is designed to be easy to use. Smartphones these days are just bursting with features, and learning how to use them all can be difficult, especially for those who have little or no experience with a smartphone. The iPhone is designed to be user-friendly so that everyone from the ages of 8 to 100 can take advantage of it.


High Security 

Security is a top priority for Apple. Many major and minor details have been taken care of in order to keep your phone safe. Encrypting the iPhone 5 is a simple process, and the NFC chip—which is used by other machines to communicate with your phone and sometimes by hackers to steal data—has not been included. 


The iPhone tends to be more durable than some other devices. Although most people are careful, accidents such as falls and spills happen even to the most attentive phone users. The iPhone is not indestructible, but it is designed to have a long lifespan, ensuring that you’ll get your money’s worth.

App Variety 

By far, Apple has the widest range of apps available of any smartphone. With over 775,000 options, users can find a tool or program for almost any need—often for free. In addition, most new apps are released for Apple phones before they’re released for other platforms.


An Apple phone is an especially good choice if you have other Apple devices, such as a laptop or a tablet. You can network as many Apple devices together as you want, allowing you to transfer seamlessly from one machine to another. If you have music or pictures saved on your computer, you can easily access them from your phone with little effort.

Convenient Size

Smartphone screen sizes have fluctuated somewhat for the past few years, ranging for tiny to gigantic. The four-inch iPhone 5 screen is big enough to use comfortably while remaining small enough to fit easily into a pocket. This makes it convenient and functional, increasing its potential applications.

Choosing the right phone can seem daunting, but with a little research you should be able to find a device that’s perfect for you. The Apple iPhone 5 is an excellent competitor that has much to offer any owner.

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