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20 Must Have Tools for Personal Windows Laptop

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If you haven’t checked out the free desktop programs as of late, you’ll be shocked to know that the inflexible movement to a post-PC world hasn’t stifled the business or dulled advancement. The current product of free-for-individual utilization and modest for corporate utilization desktop applications runs rings around the best tools we had not seen very far in the past. Profitability, document administration, media, framework, security here are my top decisions for the most helpful and free desktop applications, tried on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Update 1.

So here are a list of tools you should definitely have on your windows laptop or PC and if you don’t have one yet then purchase them with the latest laptop discount offers or buy operating system software online:

FreeCommander XEfreeware, windows file manager, utilities

Whether you’re utilizing File Explorer of Windows 7, Windows Explorer of Windows 8 or windows 8.1, you’re up against the same weak Explorer design we’ve known for more than 10 years, in addition to or less a couple of symbols on a Ribbon. FreeCommander XE presents the undeniable arrangement two one next to the other sheets for autonomous exploring and duplicating alongside a whole treat container brimming with advantageous a single click highlights.


Each desktop client needs 7-Zip. While Windows 8 (at long last!) added the capacity to investigate ISO documents despite everything you require 7-Zip to see them in Win7 Win8’s Windows Explorer still doesn’t bolster RAR compacted records, which are getting to be more regular as Mac utilization keeps on rising. 7-Zip likewise makes secret key secured Zip records, and in addition to self-extricating zips.

EditPad Lite

Indeed, even with the greater part of the fabulous new splendidly shaded document organizations circling today, everyone, sometime, needs a content manager. We should give it up for EditPad Lite. With tabs, fix/re-try, Unicode bolster, cut/duplicate/glue, and seek and supplant all in a svelte and quick bundle, EditPad Lite works ponders


Tixati. It’s basic (no Java, no .Net), quick, and simple to utilize, and it bolsters magnet links which truly rearrange downloads, with far reaching data transmission reporting and administration.


PicPick gives you a chance to bring screenshots with the press of a key. Once you’ve taken the shot, PicPick pops your screen into a manager with softwares for resizing and altering

File Shredder

Regardless of the fact that you don’t wear a little tinfoil cap, now and again you may need to totally erase a particular record or overwrite a whole drive before you issue it away. If you do wear a little tinfoil cap, File Shredder will help you graduate to the major classes. Shred documents, envelopes, free space, whole drives, and on and on, utilizing any of a few destroying algorithims.


No establishment obliged it runs from a basic EXE no malware, no interesting stuff. You wind up with an intricate interwoven pattern of documents and envelopes. Tap on an organizer or record to get more subtle elements. Double tap on an organizer to see the greater part of the components. There’s even a separating ability, so you can take a gander at all of your MP4 records or JPGs.

Comodo Backup

Windows 7 has a respectable however not idealize backup and restore capacity. Windows 8 essentially discards it all. Yes, you can discover remnants of Win7 reinforcement covered in the leftovers of Windows 8, however it’s an agony. Microsoft needs you to utilize its new reinforcement technique, stick everything on OneDrive, Comodo Backup however gives you privilege to all the features for backing you data.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player plays pretty much anything including YouTube Flash FLV records with no extra programming, no downloads, no cerebral pains. I utilize it solely for videos. Unlike other media players VLC streams media with a click, records played media, changes over between record sorts, and even backings individual casing screenshots

For capable, simple to-utilize photograph editing, with layers, modules, and a wide range of embellishments, alongside a reduced and effortlessly comprehended interface, I’ll stay with Paint.Net


Need to rip DVD’s often? When you do utilize Handbrake every time as it is an Open source programming at its finest, HandBrake has a tremendous number of alternatives that ought to cover even the most convoluted cases.

Secunia PSI

A key segment in staying up with the latest, Secunia Personal Software Inspector filters each project on your PC and lets you know in no indeterminate terms on the off chance that you have any wayward projects that haven’t been fixed


Autoruns discovers additionally auto starting programs in more dark spots than some other project, anyplace. AutoRuns not just records the autorunning programs, it gives you a chance to kill individual programs as well.


HWiNFO digs into each alcove and corner, point by point Device Manager-style trees of data and whole timberlands of data. HWiNFO can let you know everything anybody could need to think about your machine.

PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer offers all the PDF capacities that most desktop clients need. For Windows 8 clients it likewise keeps you from that dreadful Metro viewer. The Viewer is free for organizations, as well.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller well and really uninstalls softwares, and it does as such in an unforeseen way. When you utilize Revo, it runs the program’s uninstaller and watches while the uninstaller works, searching for the area of project records and for Registry keys that the uninstaller destroys. It then goes in and evacuates remaining pieces, in light of the areas and keys that the program’s uninstaller took out. Revo additionally counsels its own interior database for generally left-behind bits, and then finds those.

Process Explorer

Process Explorer lets you know which records are right now open by what program. That highlight alone has spared me a large portion of a head of hair in light of the fact that once it’s distinguished by Process Explorer, the procedure that has bolted up your document can be murdered.


LastPass stays informed concerning your client IDs, passwords, and different settings; stores them in the cloud; and offers them to you with a click


Microsoft’s EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit) powers Windows to utilize two particular malware-busting resistance frameworks. ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) moves bits of projects haphazardly, making it much harder for malware to guide into particular areas; DEP (Data Execution Protection) makes it much harder for malware to hide in parts of memory that ought to contain information.

Kaspersky TDSSKiller

The name may persuade that TDSSKiller murders the TDSS rootkit, however the item does a great deal all the more essentially in light of the fact that such a large number of normal rootkits are in view of, or got from, TDSS

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