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5 Powerful Techniques for More Effective SEO

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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful and dynamic mechanism for the online success of any business. Search Engine Optimization, when used competently, can bring the ball into your court. However, it is not as easy as it may sound. The environment within which SEO operates is as constantly evolving as the process itself. Your SEO strategies are dependent on Google’s Algorithmic updates and web spam filters. Also, Google has the tendency to keep updating its rules; that means more work for you for sure!


However, you do not have to worry! Much to everyone’s relief, the fundamental SEO success components will fairly remain the same. What needs to be changed is our approach towards creating more compelling SEO strategies to take full advantage of Google’s latest updates. I am presenting a compilation of primary SEO forecasts that are gaining increasing popularity, and could be the deciding factor in your next SEO success:

Implied links are going to be more powerful than Conventional links

In the coming days, your webpage’s brand mentions will prove to be more influential than express links. So, if you think that only ‘dofollow links’ and express links matter, you are in for a big surprise! As per Google’s new updates, it will give equal value to ‘nofollow links’ and brand mentions.

So what are express links and implied links? Well, Implied links are links that simply mention sites/brands without linking to them. Express links, on the other hand, are reference URLs that redirect you to the mentioned brand’s website. The issue of Implied links is a serious one as the recent abuse of extensive link building has diverted Google’s concentration primarily to brand mentions. This is because it is comparatively difficult to manipulate Brand mentions simply for the objective of targeting increased rankings. These links come off as more genuine, trustworthy and from various credible sources.

Now that Google has caught up with everyone’s link building mysteries, the ‘Black Hat SEO techniques’ need to go out with the trash! The best practice you can adopt is a balanced combination of both Implied and Express links.

The dominance of long-tail keywords

According to Google’s latest updates, long-tail keywords are all that there is! If you efficiently utilize long-tail keywords over generic and standard keywords, chances are that your content will shine through the search engine’s primary results. This is because long-tail keyword searches provide more specific and accurate content results to user searches. Effective optimization of content and adequate personalization of searches are two advantages of this method. The more long-tail keyword variations your website has, the higher will be its search engine and public credibility.

So how do you find out the suitable long-tail keywords for your industry? Simple! Just get onto Google’s Adwords Keyword tool and go through the information in your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. According to Moz, constant scrutinization of your social media, forum content and communication relating to customer service is also a good way to obtain crucial long-tail keywords.

So how does this work? Well, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a mechanism adopted by search engines to verify the accuracy and suitability of online content to the topic searched. Search engines take note of keyword density of LSI terms while going through online content.

The words that have the most keyword density are flagged, and used to determine the purpose of content. The good news is that content having a good combination of LSI terms and long-tail keywords will be well rewarded by Google in 2015.

The part of Social Media Marketing in SEO

Although Google has denied the role of Social Media in search rankings, there are studies that show an interrelationship between the two. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. are expected to play a more dominant role in Google’s algorithmic mechanisms, and eventually, your higher rankings.

The imperative of becoming Mobile-friendly

As per Google’s Webmaster update, global web traffic through mobiles is on the rise, and a website’s mobile suitability will play a big role in its search results. In light of such facts, it is crucial for your website to be relevant to the user’s mobile devices. Your online success will depend on your website’s mobile use optimization. Google has implemented rules to verify if websites are mobile compatible. If your site has non-responsive videos and ineffective redirects, you could very well be penalized by Google.

So, how can you make sure your website is good to go for mobiles? Easy ! Google’s Webmaster has a mobile usability section that will aid you in review of how your website looks/performs on a mobile device.

Why should SEO never function as a single department

Your SEO department has to work in perfect coordination with your Social media managers and Content marketers to achieve optimum SEO benefits. The high interdependence of these factors on each other makes it crucial for these departments to work and strategize together.

If you could keep these in mind, your SEO dreams are not far from taking shape. What you could do is staying updated regarding latest SEO and Google Algorithmic rules as well as few tactics of content and social media promotion.

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