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For World Password Day: Free License Key of Sticky Password

Posted In Freebies, Security - By Techtiplib on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 With 12 Comments

World Password Day 2015 is coming soon – May 7th, 2015! This is the day that you should review your passwords, do they are too simple, or really complicated and secure?

2014 was also recognized as one of “disaster year” of information security as well as a series of hack took place, such as Sony Pictures attacking, leaked sex photos of Hollywood stars on iCloud, exposing hundreds of thousands hot photos of users snapchat, photographs of more than 73,000 surveillance cameras worldwide are publicly available on the network in real time…

Sticky Password Premium

SplashData recommends that users should immediately change your password if it was in the list of 25 passwords listed below. Also, use a password of 8 characters, including letters, numbers and special characters:

123456; password; 12345; 12345678; qwerty; 1234567890; 1234; baseball; dragon; football; 1234567; monkey; letmein; abc123; 111111; mustang; access; shadow; master; michael; superman; 696969; 123123; batman; trustno1.

To enhance the security of your password we recommend to use password manager software, Sticky Password is the one of the top applications for password security.

Sticky Password 7 is a great password manager tool which helps you avoid the problem of forgotten passwords and the associated password resetting. It’s also the solution for against key loggers and phishing website.

The main features are:

  • Fill out forms instantly – Recall your stored your information instantly on any device whenever you need it
  • Log in automatically – Create and remember passwords for your favorite sites and apps
  • Only one password to remember – The only one you need to remember is master password – Sticky Password does the rest
  • Unbeatable security – Creates the strongest possible passwords and stores them behind multiple layers of protection.
  • Support for all your devices – Supports Windows, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices
  • read more our review of Sticky Password 7.

For the World Password Day 2015,  Lamantine Software offers free 20 1 year license keys of Sticky Password 7 for TechTipLib’s readers. 

Below is the giveaway details:


Comment this article and tell us why you need Sticky Password 7?


  • No. of license keys: 20
  • Comment with your real email!
  • This Giveaway will end on 2015/05/24
  • Winners will be selected by

WINNERS: mieszko, TorVic, Prime, ahmad khajehpoorr, 0707boy, Mohammed Zaher, Gordon,

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  1. mieszko says:

    Received the license! Thanks!

  2. Prime says:

    Hi, Received key, thanks.

  3. Matt says:

    It is very useful, thak’s for Giveaway Jack, Regardsd…

  4. Gordon says:

    Thanks for giveaway. Sticky Passwords my preferred password manager, a new license be great.

  5. Mohammed Zaher says:

    Nice giveaway, thanks.

  6. Sierra says:

    Need a ket too !!!

  7. 0707boy says:

    This is spectacular article ! Need this key because this software is very important to save all the passwords as an encrypted aes-256 database. Amazing !

  8. ahmad khajehpoorr says:

    thankeuo is a good

    is the day that you should review your passwords, do they are too simple

  9. Prime says:

    I have so many password to maintain, I need a good password manager.

  10. TorVic says:

    As simple as one of the best password manager to date…

  11. mieszko says:

    I am using Sticky Password from promo and I like it very much. It is very useful. I would like to have the genuine license to be able upgrade this software. Thanks for the giveaway!