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Testifying Magento: Find whether it is suitable for your eCommerce or not

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Business is all about making money no matter whether you go online or go door to door to sell products. Perhaps going online is more suitable and will certainly get you better returns.

So, now that you have decided to go online then what is the most optimum way to set your store online and make it up and running. Addled with the numerous options which the technology has to offer ? Thanks to the proliferation in the technology! However, i have consulted with a lot of my friends who have worked on numerous eCommerce platform and all have told me that they have realized that Magento is highly missed during the time of deployment.

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It’s not that i am saying that it is something phenomenal and one must only go for Magento to make users go mad over eCommerce website . In this article we will discuss that whether Magento will match you eCommerce needs or not.

What Magento has to offer?

Ruling the eCommerce market share makes Magento a stellar performer in the eCommerce war of platform. It has the capability to provide 100 categories and stores 100,000 products on you online shop. Furthermore, it can handle 50, 000 visitors visiting your webstore.

So, if you are an e-retailer with huge inventories to sell online Magento is what you need. The best part about Magento is not only it’s huge capacity but also the equally capable support which it provides.

Dry run is needed!

It further provides unmatchable extensions to incorporate as many as features as you wan for your e-store to trigger your sales growth. Moreover, if you are actually not sure about it then you can go for a dry run with its open source version. The eCommerce software platform comes in three version viz

  • Magento Community Edition (free)
  • Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
  • Magento Go (paid & hosted on Magento’s servers)

Things to ponder before its too late!

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It’s obviously good to thoroughly analyse the your choice before hoping on to a conclusion. This is what every entrepreneur does and this is what should be done if one needs to flourish in their endeavours.

1. Contemplate you business objective: Being a business owner figuring out the core strategies and requirements is incumbent on you. Do not shirk off from this phase by taking excuse of the size of business you have. Whether you are a big player or you are about to set your foot in the industry, analyzing your business goals and future plans is an indispensable part and the first step in eCommerce web development.

2. Budget issues, if any

Money certainly matters, more specifically for business owners who have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder to. This limits the expenditure which a business owners can make while trying his hand on something new. Although nowadays every business owner has a budget for eCommerce web development but how much is the question . Now this is where you can rely on Magento as it comes with no cost which helps the business owners to utilize this money somewhere else. This is not where everything happily ends , to pull down the revved up enthusiasm there is a twist. Though Magento is free of cost but it is difficult to find skilled magento app developers at reasonable rates.

3. Does it matches your business scale

Magento is an ever growing platform with ample lot of developers continuously working on it to enhance it features and overcome all the vulnerabilities if found. As discussed above Magento can be your choice if you have thousands of items to sell on your online store. However, if you have a limited collection of products to sell then Magento will be quite a complex platform to choose.

4. Do you wish to expand you business site

Magento is high quality open source software which is open to numerous third party systems such as CRM, accounting , warehousing and a lot more. So, if your business needs all these additional services then you must choose Magento for your eCommerce development. Further, to incorporate any type of customization you will have to make a room for it in your budget, as you need to hire experts to make these changes.

5. Are you ready for maintenance

It is always good to calculate things and specially in a business. So, now that you have planned to take your business online you need to be well prepared for the maintenance of your website. If you have chosen Magento you can carry on the maintenance part yourself all you need to have a grasp of it. But maintenance depend a lot on the choice of the framework and language, thus this is why you need to choose them where carefully.

Being into eCommerce web development from quite sometime we are well aware of the loopholes of every eCommerce framework. So feel free to drop your comments and queries as we are here to solve problems and provide solutions!

Author Bio:

Claudia Jhonson is a web developer at Magentax an Offshore Magento development company that has been remarkable in delivering high-quality Magento Ecommerce development service. You can go through her articles which are based on tips and tricks for handling Magento development projects.

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