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Use Social Locker Plugin For Your WordPress Contents

Posted In Wordpress plugins - By Techtiplib on Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 With 1 Comment

Many website owners still place different social buttons on almost every page of their website. However, visitors don’t like to share/tweet that website content (even if they really like it) as often as owners would like. Therefore, you should give a good reason why someone needs to click social buttons on your website. The Social Locker WP plugin can help you!

This powerful WP plugin locks the most valuable website content behind a set of various social buttons while the visitors like, share, tweet, or +1s a website page. In this way, you compel them to Like/Share/Tweet/+1 in order to see the content of your website. It helps you to get more likes/shares, improve social performance of the website, attract more traffic, and build quality fans and followers.

Social Locker Plugin

How does the Social Locker work?

It is simple to use. You just need to select the part of the content (on your website) that you want to lock, and to click a certain button. For this purpose, you can use images, coupon codes, videos, audio, download links, or anything else that can be used as an incentive for visitors to give you tweets, shares and likes.

This will bring you several benefits, including improvement of SEO ranking, building quality fans and followers, and to drive social traffic.

  • Improve SEO ranking: Search algorithm takes more than 200 different factors into consideration when deciding which results to display for a search query. In this algorithm, social media is the most important factor and it has a great impact on how a certain website ranks in a Google search. Results in the top positions have a large number of shares, likes, tweets and +1’s. A good social media performance improves SEO ranking.
  • Build quality followers and fans: It is very difficult to get quality followers and fans for your website, especially for a new website or blog with a low budget. You need to keep in contact with your audience in order to get every visitor of your website to follow you. However, the Social Locker WP plugin will lock your valued content and it will be available only for your followers and fans.
  • Drive social traffic: The Social Locker plug-in software can add viral traffic to the website, opt-in funnel or sales-page. When visitors tweet or share your page (in order to get access to the locked content), their friends see this, and some of them will also visit your website. This action repeats again and again!

What opportunities Social Locker provides?

In addition to mentioned benefits, this amazing plug-in software provides some great opportunities for internet entrepreneurs and website owners.

  • Social buttonsTake advantage of the most popular social networks! The Social Locker plugin provides eight social buttons (in the same interface) for top social networks, such as: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, etc. Instagram and Pinterest will soon be available, too. Each of these social buttons has individual settings. Also, they can be used separately or together for customized results.
  • Sign-In buttons – Get more clients! These buttons allow you to collect emails of your visitors. It will automatically register users and increase your subscription lists. Instead of liking or sharing, the Social Locker will ask the users to log in through social networks. Collect emails from visitors and export these emails to your favorite mailing service, like GetResponse, MyMail, MailChimp and any others.
  • Built-in advanced analytics – Enables you to track your results. The Social Locker comes with the advanced analytics tools, which track how visitors interact with the lockers. What’s more, this WP plugin supports the Google Analytics!

The main features of Social Locker plugin

We will mention only a few of its properties:

  • Fantastic customizability – Provides eight additional options to configure the lockers flexibly;
  • SEO friendly – Locked contents are visible for search bots;
  • Four types of locks – Manually via shortcodes or using the batch lock via one of three modes: “More Tag”, “CSS Selector” or “Skip & Lock”.
  • Fast loading – The plugin doesn’t add extra loads;
  • Five professional themes;
  • Optimized for mobile devices.

There are several different overlay effects that allow you to lock content on your website. You can hide, make transparent or blur your content. So, the Social Locker plugin will display locked content: partly visible (blurred or transparent) or completely hidden. It’s your choice!

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