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5 Pieces of Computer Software You Absolutely Need

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There are myriad pieces of software available for your computer, whether you prefer using a Windows PC or a Mac. But what types of software are really essential and which ones should you spend your money on? Continue reading for a list of five types of software that you absolutely should invest in for peace of mind and better performance, whether you are a student or a professional.

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Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is a must for any computer user these days, especially as more and more harmful viruses are put out every day. In order to protect your computer from attacks and threats, you need a powerful anti-virus software program in place that will continuously detect problems and fix them for you before they can wreak havoc on your entire system, potentially causing you to lose all of your data. After you install an anti-virus program, you should also perform full system scans regularly to check for threats.

Backup Software

To properly back up all of your data, it’s a good idea to invest in high quality backup software that you can rely on. This will protect all of your photos, videos, documents, and more in the event your computer stops working, becomes infected with a virus, or is damaged in any way. You can configure your backup software to work the way that you want it to, and you can manually perform backups regularly or let the software do it automatically as you work.

Firewall Software

If your computer doesn’t already have a reliable and strong firewall built in, you need to invest in firewall software that will effectively protect you from hackers. This works perfectly in addition to your anti-virus software because it will prevent hackers from gaining access to your sensitive data on your computer. Some anti-virus software programs come with firewalls as well, but it’s usually best to only have one firewall running at a time.

Backup Anti-Virus Software

Backup anti-virus programs are a great way to have a second system in place for detecting malware that could slip through your standard anti-virus software. Having this extra barrier could give you added peace of mind and added protection.

Photo Recovery Software

If you have a digital camera and you take a ton of pictures and videos all the time, your computer is probably loaded with folders filled with your memories from throughout the years. But what happens if your computer crashes, gets a virus, or is compromised in any way that could lead to the loss or corruption of those photos and videos? The only way to ensure you won’t lose everything is by purchasing photo recovery software that will help you get back what you thought you lost. Look for products that provide effective SD card file recovery, too, in case your cards become corrupted or stop working.

Once you have these pieces of software installed on your computer, you can rest easy knowing that your system is protected, that you can recover files, and that your work is properly backed up.

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