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Content Management Systems That Make Life Easy

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There is no denying that we are surrounded by content, right from the moment we wake up, to switching off your television set before going off to bed. We are now surrounded by so much information, that we need help to manage and organize it, in order to comprehend it. Whether assistance is required for organizing content or rolling it out to the masses, there are services for everything today. The following list includes a number of Content Management Systems that can be explored by small to large-scale firms:

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WordPress: A great content-management tool which is available for free and gives you a plethora of options to customize your site. Plenty of themes and plug-ins to choose from along with other easy-to-use features make it a favorite amongst many. It also happens to make a great option for those starting out on their own. Being one of the most popular options around translates to the users having all kinds of support for the platform on their fingertips. In spite of CMS, WordPress can be tweaked and modified through various plugins and can be turned to a learning management system, music streaming system and many more services. WordPress has a wide range of developer support, which gives it a number one stand in the market.

Jhoomla: This user-friendly platform, which has a huge following is another free option on the list. With thousands of designs and extensions to choose from, you cannot go wrong. With Jhoomla Installer, it becomes very easy to get started on this platform. However, you should note that as opposed to WordPress, if you wish to opt for customizing, you would have to make the required purchases.

Drupal: Drupal completes the trio of the most popular CMS around along with WordPress and Jhoomla. One of the major benefits of Drupal would be its strong community and the support that comes with it. This open source content management platform features an interesting aspect, which is the Taxonomy module. The module gives you the liberty to have various types of categories and multiple levels.

FWI Content Manager: Offering great functionality and user experience, the content manager solution offered by this software can be paired with its Content Player Software. The FWI Player will relay out content put together in the FWI Content Manager to any screen. It is a great visual communication tool for any business looking to reach out to larger audiences.

Radiant CMS: Another option in the market that you could check out is the Radiant CMS, which is complete with a neat user interface and an equally good plug-in system. The template accommodates your needs; it is flexible in terms of the layout, page parts as well as custom tagging language.

The trinity – WordPress, Jhoomla and Drupal definitely have their place on this list, but it is worth checking out other options available out there, to know what works best for you and your business. Make sure the platform checks all the boxes in terms of what you need. The software should not be tedious to use and should make managing your content easy and simple. Go ahead and try to test a few, to figure out which exact one suits your needs.

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