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Get Clever Parrot App To Make More Kids Intelligent

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Launched as a free English app in November 2014, Clever Parrot aims to be an accessible learning tool for nursery and primary schools. This is part of a series of apps and ebooks with an entertaining list of characters joining the series. Much emphasis of the story-telling is on poetry which the developers believe is still not fully utilised in early years education. This app is useful for the students in pertaining knowledge in various aspects of english poetry and story.

Clever Parrot
The English app starts with some poems about where Clever Parrot lives as he so eloquently describes in his opening poem;

“I am a Clever Parrot
I live with Mrs.Bell
She thinks I am a silly bird
But I can read and spell.”

Clever Parrot and the other characters are colourfully portrayed with poems leading the story line which is interspersed by English exercises in vocabulary, sentence structure, rhyming words, and use of nouns, proper nouns, verbs and conjunctions. This app is vry popular for the kids who ar primarily learning english vocabulary and sentence structures. The emergence of this app in the recent days has hlped the kids to have early eduation.

Perhaps Clever Parrot is too clever for he talks all day which probably persuades his elderly owner, Mrs. Bell, to go to the pet shop and buy a dog. Clever Parrot is quite put out by this, especially as the dog called Rex just sits there all day and says nothing. What the parrot doesn’t realise is that Rex is a maths genius who sits there patiently working out in his head complex mathematical formulae. This doesn’t stop Clever Parrot hatching a plan to get Rex shipped out to Spain, but Rex is a genius. The app concludes with a friendship between the two animals which leads on to the maths app. Rex tells his story of what it’s like to be stuck in a pet shop especially with an owner who cannot balance his books at the end of the day. This is where Rex uses his maths skills and the app then takes on the same structure as the English app. The unique freindship btewen the twop animals, Clever Parrot and Rex is beautiflly protrait in this app.

There are six ebooks which again are poetry led and deal with comprehension skills. At the end of each story children are asked a number of multiple choice questions about the story.

This whole series is beautifully illustrated in bright colours and the developers believe they have a powerful brand which can easily be merchandised and animated. Currently they are attracting sponsorship for their Clever Parrot challenge which give prizes to high scoring children. The reviews for the English app have been excellent with both parents and teachers alike endorsing it as an app which makes learning fun.while you are getting bhold of this app, you should read the reviews iof this app. Until date, there are numrous good reviews for this app to the parents and teachers as well.
To compliment both the english and maths apps a science app is currently under development which is led by a clever scientist called Brainy Toucan. This covers all aspects of early years science with a trip around the solar system as part of the exercises.

There are other plans from the developers which will include junior education apps (Key stage 2) as the possibilities for the brand and its characters are very promising.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned writer and he suggest the users to download Clever Parrot for free on google play. This app is very useful for the grwoing kids in leraning vocabulary and sentence formation.

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