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The Best Mobile Tracking Spy Apps Tools to help find your Android Phone

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Losing your Android phone is no fun these days and buying the right mobile spy app can help you keep your phone longer. Knowing which apps go best with your Android phone will help you decide how to spend your money wisely. Here are some top of the line spy apps that will compliment your Android phone as well as locate it if it is lost or stolen that you need to know about.

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Android Device Manager

Today, makers of Android phones are making sure to install a tracking Device Manager inside each hand set to help owners locate their lost phone easily or worst if it is stolen. To find the last known place where the phone was used, the owner will have to use a tool known as Web Interface, which can be found online on the web page of the application you sent in when you were purchasing your phone. However, if your Android phone is not connected to your Gmail account, you will miss this wonderful feature.

In addition, if your phone has been stolen, Android Device Manger will set off the alarm, wipe off the memory and lock the device. These functions mentioned can be carried out effectively even if the phone is in silent mode. Features of the Android Device Manager include a GPS tracker, computer memory wiper, the ability to trigger a loud ringing mechanism and a lockout system that gives the power to lock out anyone you chose from using your phone.

Find my Android Phone

With a superior phone tracker technology carefully installed inside your Android phone, you are able to locate your phone easily whether it is lost or stolen with the use of Find my Android Phone app. Not only will it assist you in finding your phone but will find family members phones whose cell phones carry a synced program that is similar to the one you are using.

When a phone is lost or stolen, Find my Android Phone app will locate the phone’s location, even if the phone is moving around. Powerful features of this magnificent tool are the ability to locate your phone’s GPS location with the use of the map function that is built into the app, send regular updates to you about your missing phone, receive navigational assistance and delete unwanted messages that a tracked phone might receive.

The Find my Android Phone app will make it difficult for your phone to remain out of reach from you for too long. It will give dishonest persons a shock when they realize they have nowhere to hide your stolen phone.

Lost Android

Your lost Android does not have to remain a mystery any longer because the Lost Android app can easily find its location. The app is free and you can easily install it without any hassle. One of the strong features it has is that it sends SMS phone messages to your e-mail inbox and if you like, you can choose the option to send your SMS messages from your personal computer. Another option you have is to activate a remote control alarm if it is stolen. In addition, you can use the Lost Android app to wipe away any memory received from a lost phone. Other top features of the app include a controlled call forwarding mechanism, GPS location device and the ability to start or stop the GPS functions as well as its Wi-Fi.

Using your Android phone along with the above mentioned mobile tracking spy app tools could help keeping your talking companion from straying far from you for long periods. In addition, you can protect your bulk data information from getting into the hands of criminally insane persons.

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