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The Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

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If you are looking to host your first website no doubt your head is spinning. There many different kinds of hosting services on offer, which can make it difficult for you to work out which is right for you.Web Hosting 1

If you are confused, this article will demystify the subject and help you to make the right decision and host your site safely and for the best price.

They all Work

The first thing to say is that all of these different forms of hosting work. If, initially you make the wrong choice it is not a disaster. Provided you host your site with a reliable provider your website can be used by the public. However, as your site grows, and you get more traffic, you may have to upgrade your hosting package.

Hosting is just somewhere to hold all of the files and data that make up your website and the software or programmes that make it work. The storage space used for this purpose is server space, and there are several different kinds of server space/hosting space available. The main ones are:

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is the most common type. The vast majority of the websites use this type of hosting.

With this kind of service, numerous websites are held on the same server. The cost of the space is shared amongst all of the websites held there. Because everyone is sharing the space, the amount of space assigned to each user is limited, so this option it is not always suitable for big websites.

The space on the server is divided into folders, which means that if other websites held on the same server are being used heavily your site can end up loading slowly.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the next step up. A VPS host divides the server up, either physically or using partitions, and assigns one section to each user account.

Web Hosting 2

Each section runs independently of the others, which means that your website or websites are held on a dedicated area of the server. It means that the space is exclusively available for your website, so there is no way that heavy traffic on other websites can slow down your site. This type of hosting is ideal for bigger websites or for people who are running several websites.

Reseller Hosting

Some firms build and develop websites for other people. For these firms reseller hosting is best. This kind of service makes it easy for companies to sell these sites on and move them to a new host or to continue to take care of the hosting and maintenance of the website for the new owner.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is normally the most expensive of the options. This kind of hosting gives you maximum control. It means that no other accounts are hosted on that server, yours is the only website on the server. That means that you can reboot the server when you want to and there are very few, if any, restrictions when it comes to the type of software you load. Firms who are sensitive about security or run huge websites tend to prefer this option.

A Final Word

Regardless of the type of hosting you buy be sure to buy it from a well-established firm with a good reputation. This is the best way to ensure good up time and access to reliable support should you need it.

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