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The Ultimate Pros And Cons of The Apple Watch

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The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that is designed to incorporate a number of aspects of daily life onto a portable watch device, including a fitness tracker and other health-oriented capabilities. Apple aren’t the first to offer a smartwatch – Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Pebble watches have been released for a significant period of time. But, because it’s Apple, these accessories could transform the industry. There are a number of pros and cons of the Apple Watch and we’ve taken a look at the main features, problems and accessories on the product.

The design

Apple have always ensured that their designs are spot on and once again, they have succeeded in producing an excellent looking device. The smartwatch wouldn’t look place on a businessman’s wrist in a meeting but it’s also casual enough for an evening out. They have managed to cater for a wide audience, which is why they continue to be so successful in the field.

Apple Watch

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Ability to send and receive calls

This feature is available for those with an iPhone 5 or 6 and allows users to make calls, as well as receiving them. This can come in handy, especially around the house and office as some choose to leave their phones stored away during the working day. The watch allows users to contact people in emergencies. With a speaker option, the smartwatch is essentially as good as an iPhone.

You can download and use apps on the smartwatch

The Apple smartwatch is by far their most technologically advanced product so far and they have incorporated the use of applications on their latest device. With the ability to send and receive text messages and calls, use direct messages on social media platforms and listen to music via wireless Bluetooth headphones, it’s an absolute must for an Apple fanatic. With fitness tracking information, too, the smartwatch can be taken out to the gym and saves you carrying the chunky (in comparison) iPhone in your pocket.

Apple Watch 2

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Battery life

There is an estimated battery life on 18 hours on the new Apple Watch, which falls short of the Galaxy Gear and Pebble devices that promise up to 36 hours. In addition, some users have noted that the smartwatch appears to take longer to charge than other Apple products, which is something to consider if you prefer to use your devices in sync with each other.

Difficult to play games

Another negative is that, although you can download and install applications, due to the size of the device, it is tricky to play online casino games on the smartwatch. For example, it would be quite difficult to play games as the smartwatch would struggle with a sense of direction. Also, users with large fingers may struggle to click the correct buttons, such is the sensitivity of these devices in the modern era.

Apple Watch 3

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There are different Apple Watch designs that will set buyers back various amounts but even the cheapest option, the Apple Watch Sport, is still around £300. Some of the prices are extortionate and the cheapest Apple Watch Edition, which is 18k gold, is over £6,000. If you can afford to pay this kind of figure, you’re certainly getting a phenomenal smart watch that will, hopefully, last many years. 

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