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Transform Your Security Marking Technology With Lasers

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Laser marking has come a long way in the last few years and it is now possible to engrave a plastic, metal or ceramic surface with any design. The accuracy and detail available when using lasers, now means that laser marking is not just used for security reasons. It is also for aesthetic reasons; such as a company logo. Marking technology is great for business because it uses lasers to engrave products and make them unique.

Marking Technology

Uses of laser marking

Asset tracking is one of the biggest uses of laser marking. A product which is engraved by a laser can be tracked or located easily. It can be useful in a warehouse to identify the right tool or piece of equipment or it can be used as a security measure to deter theft. The US government now makes use of laser marking through the Unique Identification Program. This program allows the government to track the purchase and location of any piece of equipment. This improves traceability and accountability.

Laser marking is also often seen on firearms. Part of this is the same security, tracking and accountability information which is important to the US government. The other side of this is the aesthetical, owners of these weapons often like to have their own logo engraved onto them and this is possible with laser marking.

There are a great many industries which make use of laser marking; the technology is clean, precise and permanent. It helps business keep records of their supplies, and thus minimize theft and loss.

  • Medical – tools and equipment are marked for tracking and security purposes. Laser markings are impervious to temperature changes or sterilization processes.
  • Medical – implants are marked to allow traceability and accountability. The laser marking can be performed on almost any surface, even flexible and will not be easily destroyed.
  • Aerospace materials – Many of the materials involved in aerospace are sensitive and can be damaged by traditional engraving methods. This is not an issue when using laser marking. The same is true of automotive parts.
  • Jewelry – This is the most effective way to mark jewellery without damaging the finished product. It is also one of the few methods than can be easily used on items which are generally too small for traditional engraving methods.
  • Electronic parts – These can be very easily damaged by many engraving procedures. A laser marking device will allow these parts to be traced and dated without causing damage.

Aside from the obvious benefits of security and tracking there are other advantages to using laser engraving instead of other methods:


Laser engraving can be performed on any material, such as; gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminum, plastics and even medical grade alloy.


Many alternatives will potentially fade over time and be hard to identify. Laser marking does not suffer from this issue. It is etched into the product and will not wear away; even high temperatures will not affect it.


A laser marking machine can be programmed by a computer to engrave almost any design. This means that it can be used in a wide variety of places and can open a huge avenue of potential advertising venues that may otherwise be difficult to utilize.


Traditional engraving can be difficult to do on a micro scale. A laser is capable of engraving something with a code so small that only a computer or possibly a microscope can actually read the inscription. This makes it useful on even the smallest surface and as a particularly useful deterrent to theft.


A laser inscription will be crystal clear in every detail whether it is the beginning or the end of the engraving. This will ensure that any design or marking is perfectly legible and opens the opportunity to using this as a means of advertising or of adding a mark of distinction to a high end product.

Keeping your business safe and your products secure is now easier than ever. Laser technology devices should exist in every company; use them to make logos and benefit from original, exclusive items. By having products engraved you ensure that they’re 100% yours; clients will have no more doubts, and your business will thrive.  

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