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Video Editing Can Be Made Easy

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Pictures may paint a thousand words but none expresses an idea better, at least as far as images are concerned, than a video. With a video, you are able to tell exactly what’s happening by simply following how each of the “elements” interact with each other. Imaging being presented a still picture of your father’s birthday. Now, imagine seeing the video of the party itself. You would agree with me when I say that the latter has more emotions attached to it than the picture.

Unfortunately, creating a video, most especially if you would like to create a seamless one, can be quite challenging. Not only is your creativity put under pressure, you also need to make sure that you would know how to put images together seamlessly. Fortunately, there are a number of applications that you can make use of in order to create a professional-looking video. One such application that you can easily download online is the iSkySoft Video Editor.

What is iSkySoft Video Editor?

iSkySoft Video Editor is one of the easiest ways you can convert those video clips and still images into one creative, seamless video. Now, you might think that this is like so many other video editing software where you would need to be a techie in order to understand it. Honestly, this software application is so user-friendly that even a child would be able to use to make a short video!

Simple Interface

The interface of iSkySoft Video Editor is one of the simplest that I have come across with. Once you have opened the program interface, you can easily upload images and videos from your computer. Creating transitions and editing the images and videos can already be done from this interface.

iSkysoft Video Editor screenshot

If you are not adept at editing videos, you can make use of existing templates in order to create your video. Once you have chosen the template, simply upload images and video clips, edit the text, and then preview what you have done. In a matter of minutes, you would already have a professionally made video that you can share among your friends.

Now, if you happen to be someone who has enough knowledge when it comes to video editing, you might find iSkySoft Video Converter as not only a basic editing tool but one that can help you create professional looking videos. With this application, you would be able to trim video clips, change the size of your output, insert text and other images, and embed a whole lot of other objects. You can also make use of this software in order to enhance images in your video.

As with other video editing software, you can easily set when you want a specific video, image, or file to start playing.

Choices, Choices and More Choices!

It comes with more than a handful of transition effects that you can make use of no matter what kind of video you are working on. If you want a specific video to play along with another video, iSkySoft also offers a picture-in-picture option.

Replacing the background of your video is also very easy because the iSkySoft comes with a green screen feature that allows you to make use of any background that you want.

Once you are through creating your video, iSkySoft Video Editor also gives you the choice of downloading a copy to your PC, your phone or tablet, as well as sharing it over various social media platforms.


A word of caution, however. While you can make use of iSkySoft both in Mac and Windows, there are a number of limitations when it comes to former. One such limitation is the fact that you cannot make use of just about any file type for the video. You might need to make use of a video converter before you can have it imported.

The Final Verdict

At $39.95 a piece, the iSkySoft Video Editor is a real value for your money. If you want to check out the features first before parting with your money, you can always take advantage of the free trial being offered by the website. The trial works for 30 days, just enough time for you to check out the different features of iSkySoft.

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