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4 Tech Essentials For Every New Business

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If you run a small business, you need a strong backline of technology to keep you running. The tech world has powered businesses for the last two decades, and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, technology is making it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to get started. Nowadays, you can run your entire company with just a laptop and an internet connection. Of course, if you plan on turning your bedroom venture into a million dollar company, you might need more.

Tech Essentials

Today we’re showing you all the essentials you need to run an effective company. There are no hidden secrets or tricks here. Just simple technology that will make your life easier. As a new business owner, you’re looking to minimise all the menial tasks. You need technology to do the hard work for you. It frees you up to take care of more important business. Without further ado, let’s take a look at your technology business essentials.

  1. The cloud – The concept of cloud technology has been floating around tech blogs for ten years. The only difference is that now, it is a powerful part of every modern business. If you transfer or store files online, you’re already using the cloud. But you can do more. Use cloud technology to edit and exchange documents and contracts. Use shared calendars with your colleagues and partners. Use cloud data centers to store your data. Keep it out of the office, and in the cloud.
  1. Voip and voicemail – Voip is a type of phone system used by most businesses. It’s a system that uses your IP address to transfer communications. Essentially, it uses the internet to run your phones. It’s a much more compelling way to conduct calls and conferences. You can also fit it with a sophisticated voicemail system that will save messages onto your computer hard drive. Lastly, you can conduct multimedia calls and conferences.
  1. Accounting software – Most entrepreneurs and business people we know are all about the ideas. They’re creative individuals with ambition and passion. But, give them an Excel spreadsheet and they recoil! Entrepreneurs aren’t always great with numbers. That’s why you need a super simple piece of software to handle your accounting. It will keep the business finances in check, calculate your tax, and keep your head in the game. It’s also a more secure way to run your finances. Business owners hate worrying about money, so eliminate this problem.
  1. iPads – Not every business owner would call the iPad an ‘essential’ item. But, here at our business, we would never go back to a life without it! It has become an essential piece of kit when it comes to presentations. It helps the sales team secure clients by showing them figures and accessing data on the go. It’s flexible, interactive, and mobile. It’s the best tool out there for business.

There you have it, entrepreneurs! If you’re ready to kickstart your new company, these four simple items will help you. Start using them, and make business easy!

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