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Build a High-Performance, Low-Cost Custom Gaming PC with These Handy Tips

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Computer gaming has been the rage among people of all ages for over two decades, and the concept of customizing one’s own computer gaming set up has become somewhat of an art among serious gamers. From high-end setups, which could cost thousands of pounds, to intelligently assembled budget setups, which run almost as well as their expensive counterparts, there is a wide range of options available from various brands, all of which come with their own USPs.

Gaming PC

Basic Components for Building Your Dream Gaming PC

Among the primary components which one must consider while building that ideal custom PC are an advanced motherboard with a superior processor, ample memory and a fast graphics card, a hard disk drive with plenty of free space to store game information, and an audio set up to complete one’s gaming experience. Depending on what kind of game suits your fancy, a variety of external accessories can be added, including steering wheels, joysticks, gaming keyboards, mice, and remote controller devices.

Other aspects to consider, which are usually built-in anyway, include multiple input ports for USB devices, and 3.5mm ports for headphones or speakers. For those looking for a quick and easy means by which to incorporate their ideal specifications into a custom gaming PC, there are a number of websites available, which make the process easier and even offer discounts for certain models and brands.

Chillblast are a great custom gaming PC builder site, and offer great prices on a range of pre-customized gaming PCs, and stock brands such as ASUS, NVDIA, and Intel, which all market leaders in the gaming, graphics, and sound industry. For those on student budgets, there are basic customizable setups which sell for a few hundred, while advanced systems, inclusive of over 8,000 GB of HDD space and Dual Intel Xeon 2697 V2 chips (24 cores), sell for over 10,000 GBP.

Why Customizing Your Gaming PC Is a Good Idea

Just as one would make it a point to write out a shopping list prior to heading out to get groceries, it is equally important for one to write out a “must haves” list prior to customizing a gaming PC. Just as one would not wish to purchase anything that one is not going to consume, a gamer too, does not need to spend money on accessories, software, and features, which are not relevant to their game/s of choice.

This is a time for serious introspection on the part of any gamer who is looking for the penultimate gaming experience; they have the option to invest more in software, space, graphics, and features which will enhance the quality and overall feel of their game, while spending less on aspects of the PC which are less relevant. For example, if a gamer is mostly into online strategy games, they might find it relevant to spend slightly less on the internal storage i.e. Hard Disk Drive space of their gaming PC, but could spend more on ensuring a consistent internet connection and speed. If a gamer is into RPG or Role Playing Games such as World of Warcraft or Diablo, they might want to invest more in their graphics, internal storage, and sound card as these games take up space and are rich in visual content. Games which are heavier in visuals and graphics will naturally demand a powerful gaming PC while lighter games will be less demanding, thus incurring less investment.

Calculating the Space Requirements

For those who prefer light simulation games, such as Sim City 3000, a good graphics and sound card will be enough for a pleasant gaming experience. However for those who like simulators such as X-Plane 9 should be warned that they will lose a minimum of 70GB of space, and should, therefore, invest in additional HDD space in advance. A number of popular games such as Max Payne 3, The Secret World, and Star Wars, take up to 30 GB of space, so aficionados of the RPG genre might want to conduct research prior to beginning their customization process in order to access the amount of space they will need to buy. On the contrary some of the lightest and most popular games such as FIFA, Skyrim, and Assassin’s Creed 2 do not take up more than 5GB of HDD space, so it is not necessary to invest much into an HDD if those are the gamers’ most frequently played games.

Other Things to consider when customizing Your Gaming PC

Ever since the advent of the internet, and consequently online and social media network based gaming, the need to invest in heavy duty gaming PCs has reduced slightly. It makes sense to start your gaming PC customization process with a basic set up, with ample free space to store games, a motherboard with compatible RAM to support and improve your gaming experience, a good quality graphics, and video card, along with a cooler (this is an important, often overlooked aspect of gaming; your PC might malfunction and crash if it overheats), and the necessary ports and accessories to complete your set up.

Ensure that all your components are compatible with one another; this is where it becomes easy and helpful to customize via a dedicated custom gaming PC development, as it will let you know immediately if one or more of your chosen components are incompatible. Another point to consider while customizing your gaming PC is to invest a little more in your motherboard and RAM; doing this will decrease your need to upgrade your set up in a hurry as it will work with newer game editions, which have higher system requirements.

Whether you are looking to get hooked on to the latest version of Grand Theft Auto or looking at revisiting childhood favourites such as Wolf 3D and Prince of Persia, there is a customizable gaming set up out there which will suit your gaming preferences and most importantly, your budget.

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Simon Hopes is a renowned author and professional social media enthusiasm. He suggests readers to Chillblast are a great custom gaming PC builder site, and offer great prices on a range of pre-customized gaming PCs.

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