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Coolest Green Apps for Your Household

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With a growing popularity of eco-friendly technologies and a life style that is sustainable and environment-friendly, there appear more and more ways of getting green. As the saying goes, “if you want to change the world, start with yourself”… and we can modify that by saying start with caring about ecology and making your life green… Your home would be a great place to commence.

Fortunately, doing so is a lot easier nowadays, and our mobile devices and specially developed apps really facilitate the process. Here, you can find some of the smart apps that can help you to go green.

Green Apps

Gardening – Growing Flowers, Fruit, Herbs and Other Organic Ingredients in Your Backyard Home Garden

  • Available for iOS
  • Free

This is a truly useful app if you really want to go green. It will help in learning how to plant, what to plant, when and where. It will give you all the possible tips and advices on gardening including growing vegetables and fruit trees, designing your flower garden, protecting the plants from all sorts of enemies, maintaining the garden prosperous, beautiful and harvesting. So you will have not only eye-catching flowers or pleasant shade of your favorite trees, but also the control over the ingredients of your food, as you will have your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, and thus, will improve the quality of what you eat.


  • Available for iOS
  • Free

This app is really advantageous for those who try to make their contribution to planet’s well-being by recycling. It gives all necessary info on what and how you can recycle. Since it automatically finds your location, it gives accurate and up-to-date information and suggestions about places, time and ways how to properly go about recycling. In addition, there is an opportunity to share the content of this app by email, sms and social media. However, the app will only show correct information for US, Mexico and Canada.

Light Bulb Finder

Available for iOS and Android


Those who would like to both be eco-friendly and save some money on electricity bills should really consider installing this application. It enables to discover the difference between conventional and energy-saving light bulbs. You can find comprehensive information on prices, impact on environment and possible savings when using energy-saving light bulbs. Moreover, there is an opportunity to purchase the light bulbs through app or at a local store.


Available for iOS and Android


Another amazing home energy management app gives possibility to monitor energy usage of your household in real time. For those who do not have solar panels, the app estimates the usage of energy for a typical home. But it’s especially useful for those who have solar panels. So it shows how much energy your solar panels produce and how much you are actually using at a given point in time. Thus, there is an opportunity to make adjustments. And of course, you can share the info with your family and friends and educate others in terms of wise energy consumption and advantages of infinite solar energy.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Free

This app in combination with Ecobee thermostats will be very beneficial for the owners. Wi-Fi thermostat(s) and mobile app give a person full control over the temperature in the house, even from afar. Thus, you can monitor the temperature at home as well as weather conditions and set the time when the thermostat should turn on or turn off. Very convenient, especially when you are on your way home, click a button in your app and your Ecobee starts making the place warm and comfortable for you by the time of arrival. Not to mention cutting costs for electricity.

Energy Rating

  • Available for iOS, Android
  • Free

Wonderful solution for those who wish to learn about the running costs and energy consumption of the devices before the purchase. So you can choose the most efficient appliances; this includes hair-dryers, washing machines, air conditioners, fridges and so on. You can estimate what it’s going to cost you over time to have these appliances running. All in all, this app gives the possibility to choose cheapest and most eco-friendly devices from available.

As you can see, with these apps, you can get greener than ever. It’s worth trying, for it can really improve the quality of your life and that of the entire planet. It’s important to be eco-conscious dwellers.

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