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Free ebook: 27 Tips for Getting Started in IT

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Get free the ebook – 27 Tips for Getting Started in IT for a limited time only! There is a ton of great reasons to want a career in IT. Right now you probably know more than a few people who have done very well for themselves with a job in technology. (How many old friends have you caught up with on Facebook who are making a killing as Network or Security Admins?) Salary, job security, career satisfaction and stability are just a few of the compelling reasons to desire an IT career. But for you the burning question is “how do I get started?” You find yourself saying “I have the drive and the will to work hard and succeed, but I just don’t know where to start.”

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  1. Determine your personal interests
  2. Set a career goal
  3. Get involved in the wed community
  4. Target entry level jobs
  5. Learn stuff
  6. Find a training source and stick to it
  7. Build a foundation of skills in hardware and software
  8. Build a foundation of skills in networking
  9. Build a foundation of skills in routing/switching
  10. Mix the right formula of education, experience and credentials
  11. Build your online presence carefully
  12. Never be finished with your education
  13. create a resume, keep it updated
  14. Create your own network, gain referrals
  15. Chart a course of achievements
  16. Get access to technology
  17. Make the most out of the least-find technology cheap
  18. Get professional career advice
  19. Think one step ahead
  20. Make vertical moves
  21. Get an internship
  22. Join a professional society
  23. Read job listings and postings for ideas-give them what they ask for
  24. Improve your interview skills
  25. Improve your soft skills
  26. Find a mentor
  27. Get certified

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