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Google Plus: Interesting Facts and How it Works?

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Google Plus is a social networking tool launched by Google in 2011 which was the fourth try by Google in the field of Social networking. It provides facilities to share your thoughts and views within your friends, family, colleagues etc.

Google plus profile acts as an account for Google maps, Google books, YouTube, Gmail etc. into single platform. Picasa helps in finding, editing and sharing photos on Google Plus. It provides option for searching people, pages and posts.

Google +


Anyone who uses a Google product has a Google account where we can create our profile. Profile says the public who you are by maintaining a profile picture, address, contact number, email address, area of interest, schooling, profession etc. We can have different types of contacts in Google Plus.


Circles make Google Plus to stand different from other social networking sites such as Facebook. Circles mean a way to categorize the contacts into different groups. We can have default circles such as friends, family, acquaintance or a custom circles. Circles allow you to share information with selective groups.


Stream means wall or home page where you see the posts or status by others. Streaming allows sharing of photos, videos and thoughts within your circle or to the public.

Photos and Videos

Google Plus provides us option to upload photos and videos, tag it, comment it etc. The photos can be added to our album without any size limitation. Can maintain multiple albums if needed.


Spark is another feature of Google Plus which allows in finding new stories related to your area of interest. This will help to update, share and talk with the people having similar area of interest.

Hangouts, Google Talk and Huddles

These are the facilities to be in touch with others through text messages, video chatting or to participate in discussions. Hangouts allow individuals to do video chatting whereas huddles for text messaging only. The Google talk attaches all the conversation history to the Gmail account. Private conversations can be promoted in Google hangouts.


Even though Google+ accounts are public it does have privacy policy with the accounts. You can share your status and updates in Google Plus and there is option for others to like, share and comment on the others status.

Technology used

Google Plus is a simple Web application which uses the Java servlets at server side and JavaScript at client side built with Google’s Framework. HTML5 gives the good looking appearance to the Google Plus pages.

Google+ and Facebook

Both are similar social networking sites and we can say Google+ provides a wider platform especially for Science and Technology. Circles with contacts makes Google plus more flexible. Google plus provides greater platforms for business user to be in contact with customer, acquaintance and with colleagues.

To get started with Google Plus, you need to have a Google account. You can manage it the way you want! Add your personal and professional info, links to your websites, make new friends, and expand your business and much more with the free social networking option by Google.

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