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If Locating a Cell Phone Could Save Teens’ Life So Why Not Digital Parenting?

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There are a lot of working moms who are suffering from depression and serious problems in dealing with their teens. They want to stay in touch with their kids but find it really tough to call them again and again just to know where they are. It’s quite annoying for teens, too. But at the same time, leaving all of the ground is very dangerous because teen kidnapping, harassment, and threatening is getting common in US. Locating a cell phone and keeping a check on their whereabouts is the simplest way to avoid any unpleasant incidents.

Cell Phone 1

Teens can be horribly reckless!

Teens could be very dangerous if given absolute freedom. If you do not keep a check on where they are and what places they visit the most, they can start to skip the school, late night hangouts and might have any encounter with kidnappers and predators. Instead of taking a risk at teens’ lives, try to keep a constant eye on where they are and where they were. Not only working moms but all parents must understand the need for keeping an eye of teens’ whereabouts. No matter how smart you think they are, they can’t deal with every situation alone. Staying with them virtually and being there in the time of need is the best solution.

Locating phone is a must-have tool for parents now

Today if you have an intention to monitor and track your loved ones’ location then it isn’t a big deal. Select a mobile monitoring app with GPS tracking features and lay your stress to rest. Digital parenting apps can make it easier track kids’ location anytime using virtual mapping. Check their location history; keep an eye on their whereabouts and set parental controls.

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FamilyTime parental control app is pretty much a dent app and is neat at location tracking if you are looking for a handy app. FamilyTime can be downloaded for free from Apple Store or CHPlay!

On the feature front, FamilyTime is equally impressive. With FamilyTime, parents get to have these features:

GPS tracking

The GPS tracking feature has different functions and it is a complete package to know the kid’s whereabouts, trace where they have been all day long and you can even Geo-fence their location.

You can enjoy:

  • Location history tracking: Check where they have been all the day long
  • Geo-fencing: Put specific places to Places list and get alerts whenever kids enter or exit those specified places.

Cell Phone 3

  • Virtual mapping: Track teens’ current location on the virtual map with just a tap.
  • Panic alerts: Get panic alerts if they feel need your help at the time of danger, and instantly check their current location.
  • Auto check-ins and check-outs: stay informed by auto alerts whenever they enter or leave certain places.

Other specs:

  • Check contact details
  • Check call logs
  • View Internet history
  • Check installed apps

Cell Phone 4

Stay in touch keep teens safe!

We can safeguard our teens even when they left for late night hangouts and parties. FamilyTime could help to track kids’ exact location no matter you are at the office, at home or even out of town. Locating a cell phone can stop teens from lying and push them in troubles! So good luck with your parenting!

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