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Panopreter – Top Quality Text to Voice Software for Educational and Business Purposes

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Panopreter Basic is an innovative text to speech (TTS) software program that can read any written text out aloud with natural voices. You can even save the audible speech output in Wav and MP3 audio formats.

This useful app offers the most flexible solution in academic world for learners, students, educators, and even those facing vocal or visual impairment. Next version is the Panopreter, which includes many advanced features. It has a simple user-interface, and all the functions can be performed with a few clicks.

Text to Voice Software

Panopreter Basic – freeware program has now released the latest basic version for free. Window users can enjoy many new and improved features. This tool allows the users to listen to the commands or contents on their desktops or laptops in natural human voices.

Using this tool changes the way every user uses, share and create documents. People can listen to the audible speech rather than reading on-screen. They totally enjoy the ease of listening to books, files and more.

Valuable features of Panopreter Basic include

  • Reads text files, web pages, rft files and MS Word documents
  • Easily interprets the words, characters, phrases and articles you enter in the window
  • Audio files get created in MP3 and WAV formats
  • It supports the conversion of batch files
  • The words and sentences that are being read gets highlighted
  • Users can adjust the speed and volume of voice
  • When the text reading gets concluded the app plays music
  • Supports wide variety of voices and languages
  • UI is quite simple for ease of use, and the UI languages include English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese

Students can export their study material on their portable devices like iPod, MP3 players, or Smartphone. This allows them to prepare for their exams anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, this is a freeware program that can be taken advantage of even by proofreaders, businessmen and other people to process their routine digital information.


Panopreter is the latest release of this innovative software. It is a powerful and flexible text to voice app for Window users. With this software, users who do not desire to read newspaper, eBooks, reports, mails or any other digital documents can convert the information to audio and listen to it whenever they want.

Now, they do not have to spend time on machines, but can listen to the data, while traveling. It also reduces the possible eye-strain and can continue doing other stuffs too. The paid version of this software can be of great help for those who are visually impaired.

Top Features of Panopreter

  • Text conversion to MP3 and WAV aural files are clearly audible
  • Supports rft, pdf, and txt files along with web page & word document
  • Text copied to Windows clipboard from any other software window can also be read
  • Includes toolbar for IE to read web page text and convert
  • Supports batch files conversion
  • Includes toolbar for MS-word to read word files and convert
  • Allows to adjust audio file sample and bit rates to attain satisfactory auditory quality and size
  • Users can modify interface layout, text size & color, font and more
  • Even the volume, pitch and speed can be adjusted
  • Shortcut keys saves time and best for clarity issues because there is no need to read the full document (repetitive speaking)
  • Compatible with portable devices iPod, CD, MP3, Mobile devices

Panopreter speech voices

  • On Windows 8/8.1, users will enjoy three voices – Zira, Hazel and David
  • On Windows Vista and 7, you can take pleasure in listening to Anna
  • On Windows XP the sole speech voice is SAM

If you desire to hear TTS voice in different languages, then there are several companies that provide speech voices, which are compatible with Panopreter TTS software. You can search for the ‘text to speech’ voices on the net with search terms like TTS English, TTS French, TTS Spanish, or TTS German.

Panopreter can be bought from several online stores for $29.95. It gets activated as soon as you make payments. You get to select between 32-bit and 64-bit feature. A 30-days free trial period is the best way to understand its performance, before activating the shareware. License users get to upgrade future releases for free.

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Victor Bailey he has written this review on Panopreter, which is rated among one of the best text to speech software applications in the market today. You could also visit their website to learn about all the features on the free and paid versions.

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