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PhotoScissors 2.1 Brings in Instant Image Background Replacement

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TeoreX announces the release of PhotoScissors 2.1. A well-acclaimed cross-platform photo editing tool easily takes out unnecessary or rubbish backgrounds from photos with literally few mouse gestures. No particular skills are required. In the update, the tool allows adding a new background in place of the removed one, enhances picture edges and improves the shadow effect.


Today, editing a photo doesn´t require a user to be graphics savvy or even install a complex photo editing package on his or her computer. Many simple and free tools all over the Web offer instant retouching, not even asking a user to have any specific skills. One of such instant result apps is PhotoScissors, a tool to remove unwanted backgrounds from images or replace them with more appropriate scenes. The app interacts with a user in the most intuitive way imaginable and delivers nice and nearly perfect results.

The simplicity of PhotoScissors is established on the mouse gesture principle. A user makes several quick strokes with the mouse to mark areas of the picture he or she wants to remove or preserve. Then, with a click the application does the job, quickly and perfectly. The new version of the application has introduced a whole new tool. Now, the user can remove a background, and then put another one on its place. The exact position and scale of the new back stage can be easily adjusted to make it fit in the best way.

The powerful “Shadow” option first introduced in PhotoScissors 2.0 has been further enhanced in the new version of the program. Now, a user can choose the color of the shadow to create eye-catching visual effects. And for better presentation of the cut out objects, the new release features updated and improved image edge handling. Advanced anti-aliasing algorithms prevent jagged borders and improve the overall look of the scissored out area.

PhotoScissors´ ability to replace image backgrounds opens a wide range of applications: from retouching pictures of goods in stores to pre-print editing of family photographs. The tool is fast, friendly and forgiving to mistakes. With it, even a kid can now remove unwanted backgrounds in a minute.

Pricing and availability

The price for a single license of PhotoScissors is $19.99. PhotoScissors is available both for Windows and MacOS users.


TeoreX is a small software development company founded in 2011. The company focuses on practical and easy to use applications usually tailored to perform just one function, but do that great. The main products are Inpaint, PhotoScissors, iResizer and PhotoStitcher.


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