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Promoting Your Store With Signs

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Even with the rising popularity of digital marketing, traditional marketing mediums like banners and signs are still effective in driving foot traffic to your store. They also have the potential to generate considerable business for you – that is if they are designed right and have appealing copy.

People still need signs that will show them how to get to your store or need a little encouragement in the form of clearly displayed bargains on your signs. Your store signs should compel people to say “hey, come over here and check this out.” They should be clear to read and easy to spot from the distance.


We know that there are probably tons of signs competing for attention with yours too – that is the bad news. The good news, however, is that most of these are generic at best; which means with a little initiative and creativity, your signage can easily stand out from other signs. The following tips should help you get more results from your signs:

Think Different

Every heard of the term banner blindness? Well, this is simply the average individual’s ability to tune out all banners and signs. This is partly why most people do not notice signs.

The thing is most people have trained their minds to ignore certain attributes associated with advertising. This is why you have to think differently. So, instead of rolling out the typical square or rectangular shaped signs, why not try circular, triangular, or other shapes. These will stand out and get your store noticed more.

Signs Should be at Eye Level

We have seen quite a few signs that are below eye level, and trust us, these are often noticed as an after-thought – that is if they are ever noticed. So, make sure that your signs are always at eye level. People are already averse to advertising, so making the signs too high or low is a surefire way to make them ignore them.

Bold Colors and Clearly Readable Text

Your signs are not meant to be full page ads where you try to cram all your products and services. The standard rule of thumb is people should be able to take in all the information displayed on your signs at a glance or within 3 seconds at most.

If it is longer, most people will not even read it. So, keep your texts short and to the point, as well as include your address, phone number, and website URL. So, create your signs with bold, attractive colors, and use complementary texts written in distinct fonts for your copy.

Place Signs at Strategic Locations

The next thing to do is to ensure your signs are prominently displayed particularly in high traffic areas. For instance, it is not just enough to put your signs out on the sidewalk –if that is allowed – you should also take advantage of walls and windows for your displays.

Both of these displays should do just one thing: compel the passerby or reader to visit. Also, you can use portable signs to your advantage here. These would be great for clearance sales, special offers, discounts, and bargains.

Always Consider Where the Sign Will be Located

An important but often ignored element that can increase your sign’s conversion rates is the location where the signs will be placed. As a rule, make sure that the signs that will be put in an area that has bright contrasting colors that will make them noticeable. You want signs that will “pop” in whatever environments they are placed, not one that blends into the background.

That is all there is to successfully promoting your store using signs. As long as all the tips listed here are utilized, your signs will convert a lot more foot traffic for your business. At this point, the only thing left to do is make the signs. Make sure you use a print shop that is willing to create your signs to order. Websites like are excellent places to go for this!

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