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Stimulsoft – Reporting Tool for JavaScript Coming Soon

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Stimulsoft, a provider of components for data analysis, is continuing to master new technologies and is announcing the upcoming release of its new product Stimulsoft Reports.JS.

How to create a report having only a web browser at hand? And, at the same time, the report should be dynamic, and its creation, building, and viewing is as simple as possible? Stimulsoft developers are preparing a brand new solution – Stimulsoft Reports.JS.

Stimulsoft Reports Server

Stimulsoft Reports.JS is not simply a product but a platform for designing reports using the scripting language JavaScript and HTML5.

This reporting tool will have the full set of features needed for designing simple and complex reports, such as charts, RichText, images, indicators, barcodes and etc.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS can be used in any JavaScript applications. And there will be no need to install any additional plug-ins like .NET Framework or Java.

Since Stimulsoft Reports.JS is created using JavaScript and HTML5 to design reports, it has only one requirement – support for these technologies in a web browser. The key feature of the product is that it does not require any server at all.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a part of the Stimulsoft Reports platform. Stimulsoft guarantees maximum compatibility between products. Reports designed in other Stimulsoft Reports products will work in Stimulsoft Reports.JS and vice versa.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS will work on devices with different resolutions. It supports mouse control and touch. No matter the device (computer, tablet or smartphone), users can create one report and view it anywhere at any time.

The release of the reporting tool for JavaScript is scheduled for September 2015.


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