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Super Cool Gadgets to Help You Quit Smoking

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Let’s get right to the point: smoking is a disgusting habit. Every time you light up, you are reducing your life expectancy and polluting the atmosphere for those around you. The trouble is that cigarettes (or rather the nicotine contained in those cigarettes) are horribly addictive, which is why millions of people are hooked on smoking. But no matter how addicted you are, there are plenty of techno gadgets available to help smokers quit their evil habit.

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Why Quit?

Well, apart from the fact that smoking is horribly anti-social and you run the risk of becoming a social pariah, cigarettes are full of carcinogenic chemicals that cause oral cancers, lung cancers, and every other type of cancer you can think of. They are also full of tar, a nasty black sticky substance that clogs up your lungs and is most definitely not good for you.

Technology helps us in so many ways so it makes sense to use it when you are ready to give up the evil smoking habit – and here’s how.


Increasing numbers of smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes in their desire to quit smoking. We can buy electronic cigarettes from all kinds of places now, including online, which makes the e-cig a great gadget if you need something to ease the transition from cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are safe, cool, and inexpensive. You can also smoke them in places where traditional cigarettes are banned, which is a bonus.


The IntelliQuit hand-held sensor works in conjunction with a smartphone app to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in your exhaled breath. The data is uploaded to an online platform so you can check your statistics and, hopefully, scare yourself into quitting for good.


A QuitBit lighter is an intelligent lighter. It counts the number of times you light up, as well as how often you do it. The device works with an app to record your light-up data and let you know how you are doing if you are trying to cut back and quit. The app will even share the data with friends so they can shame you into quitting.

SmartQuit App

Apps are everywhere. Many of them are junk, but the SmartQuit app for Apple devices is actually pretty useful if you need a bit of encouragement to give up smoking. The app uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to gently help users recognize the negative thought patterns and cravings that undermine their efforts to give up smoking, so they can, eventually, choose not to act on them.

The AcuOne

The AcuOne is worn on the wrist like a fitness band or wristwatch. It uses silent electrical impulses to stimulate pressure points, which should – in theory – help you quit smoking. The AcuOne needs to be worn for around 8-15 two-minute sessions per day for maximum benefit. The device’s makers also claim that an AcuOne will aid weight loss.

Quitting smoking is never easy, but most people find it easier when they have extra support to help them.

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