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Using Technology to Secure your Vacation Home

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We live in the age of technology, but It is still nice to get away. There have been a huge increase in the amount of off-the-grid homes purchased in recent years. With this increase, it is important to talk about securing your cabin or off-the-grid home. The last thing you want is to go to your vacation getaway to find it messy or worse, see that someone broke in. Now securing your off-the-grid house can be a time consuming task. Especially if you do not have the luxury of an alarm system. Luckily, there are many common steps you can take to improve your property in the off season.

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If you have always loved the idea of owning a cabin and are in the position to make your purchased, but have not picked one yet, you are in luck. The most important piece of advice to secure your vacation home is the location! Buying a vacation home in a heavily populated area, or in an area that is not currently in its prime, is a common mistake that can sometimes prove to be costly. A good idea when you are considering buying your vacation home would be to purchase one with private access roads and secured gating. This applies if you are thinking of owning one in a populated area. If you are considering buying a cabin, purchasing one away from heavy foot traffic or drive by traffic is your best bet.

Another great way to secure your property from potential home invaders is putting up dark blinds so none of your valuables are visible to to outside intruders. It may also be smart to install a heavy duty dead-bolt on all doors and use lock-bars on sliding doors. This would minimize the chance of home invaders greatly. You can also be sure to never leave adult beverages in your cabin. Much of the trespassing population is younger kids looking for a cheap good time, and they may break the law t achieve it. Some people even put up signs: “No Alcohol on the Premises”, as a deterrent for the cheap thrill type of vandals. To make things safer, never leave firearms on the premises. If you have to, make sure they are properly locked up. You should also consider hiring someone to tend to your second property while you are away. This will give people who may be looking to break in think someone is currently occupying the property

The next most important thing to consider are your Vinduer, or your windows. It is important to make sure you can secure your second property from bugs and other vermin. Entering your house and seeing things that have found refuge in your special location to get away from harsh weather outside. The worst part is that they can eat your food or destroy your clothes/bedding because you were not there to catch them and now they have multiplied. To reduce the chance of this happening is to secure your home after you leave. Try to board up your home if it is a cabin, or make sure to close all of your windows and seal up any possible cracks if it is a traditional home.  

No matter what type of property you have, it is important to keep it secure. You do not want any potential reason to have to make a trip out there early because something bad happened. That is the last thing you want to do. Taking a couple of precautions is the best way to enjoy your property!

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