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A DVD Copy Software Lets You Crawl Out from the Worry of Loss

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From the age movie begins, we are surrounded by all kinds of movies, and get through several revolutions evolving from DVD, Blu-ray to various videos. But truth be told, DVD still takes the dominant position in the multimedia area because of its populist price, the ease of finding and the suit size appropriate for all devices.

Many users have enthusiasm in DVD movies, and are used to collect all the classical and blockbusters DVD discs, while live in the worry of the inevitable physical damage or loss by playing their beloved DVD discs. As a result, some of them prefer to keep them well rather than enjoying the content. That’s what a qualified DVD collector does, but not the original purpose a DVD movie lover buys the DVD.

For getting users crawled out from the worry of damage or loss while still enjoy the DVDs whenever they want, a DVD backup software comes out to get it done. DVDFab DVD Copy, a leader well-known in this area is always pursued by a vast range of users based on its reliability, stability, flexibility, quickness, lossless, reasonability, etc. Different people have different reason to choose it, but totally, it can have whatever you want from a DVD copy software covered.

Ease of Use

DVDFab DVD Copy is an intuitive program without much colors and confused designation in its UI. The interface is clear and neat, only shows the necessary buttons and options users really need. It accommodates both experienced users and the encouraged newbie, anyone can easily complete the whole DVD copy process without any problem in just one or few clicks.

DVD Copy 1

Never failed DVD decryption ability

DVDFab DVD Copy can remove all kinds of barriers and make the content open for users to copy. It can unlock all kinds of protections embedded on any DVD disc, and remove the region code restriction to let users play the DVD discs in devices produced in everywhere.

Diverse source input and output formats

DVDFab can copy not only any DVD discs, but also DVD ISO and DVD folders. Likewise, it can burn the DVD ISO or folder to a blank disc, or another digital format.

Rich copy mode options

DVDFab DVD Copy provides users six copy modes including: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Merge and Split. You can choose to copy everything in the DVD, the feature part (main movie) or any specific parts you need. You can also burn your DVD in 1:1 ratio with the Clone mode, in this way, the result will be the same as the source, namely, you will get a lossless DVD. If you want to combine several titles of several sources into one DVD, then the Merge mode will help you. And if the to-be-copied DVD is DVD-9, while you just got blank DVD-5 discs or your disk space reaches the limit, then DVDFab can split the large DVD-9 into two DVD-5.

DVD Copy 2

Full control of the output content

Except for the output titles, users can freely select the to-be-kept audio tracks and subtitles. Usually, the correct structure of a DVD will be recognized and displayed on the interface when it is imported in DVDFab. Users can check the items they need. In addition, another useful feature is provided: DVD compression. Users can compress the large DVD-9 to DVD-5, or enrich DVD-5 to DVD-9 on the contrary in addition to DVD-5 to DVD-5 and DVD-9 to DVD-9.

DVD Copy 3

Besides, DVDFab DVD Copy also provides some advanced settings for users with higher or specific need for the copied DVD. You can choose to copy the DVD-video (video-ts folder) only, DVD-audio (audio-ts folder) or non-DVD files. You can also remove the DTS, or the menu to let it play continually.

Leading processing speed

DVDFab copying begins with one mouse click to hit the Start button. Once the command is sent with the Start button is triggered, the DVD copying task is executed immediately by DVDFab and will be finished with the leading speed. Usually, the whole process only takes 10-20 minutes. However, the final processing time varies from PC hardware performance to PC hardware performance, source size to source size and the writing speed of write drive to writing speed of write drive.

DVD Copy 4

Astonishing output quality

Despite the fast copy speed of DVDFab, the output DVD is presented without any audio and video quality loss. Check the output video effect with any mainstream media player or device with the playback feature, you will hardly find the difference between the source and the result.

Enjoying the content of your favorite DVDs anytime you want doesn’t fight against with collecting the precious DVD well, that’s the mission of DVDFab. With it, you can free yourself from the worry of damaging your precious any more.

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