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Digital trends – How To Target The Always On Consumers

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With so many people using smartphones and their seeming inability to not check their phone every two minutes, businesses can now connect with potential customers 24/7. This is great for businesses right? Just send customers adverts all day long and they are sure to buy your products, but unfortunately life isn’t that easy, and businesses will still need to work hard to ensure they are carefully approaching this new ‘Always-On’ consumer.

The modern consumer likes to check reviews of products online before they buy anything in store, and they will often do this while actually in the store. Reaching this multi-platform majority requires a new approach from businesses, and the interesting thing is that the modern consumer wants to be a part of it. If you target the consumer in the right way, on terms they understand, they will be happy to interact with your messages.

61% of consumers under the age of 35 want to trade their data for something in return, whether it be for discounts or whatever else, and this is an important point to note. We often think that customers find advertisements annoying, and that it works on a subliminal basis more than anything else. However, it is now clear that, customers are happy to see adverts if they are getting something valuable in return.

Businesses will need to figure out when the correct time to target potential customers on terms they understand, and they will need to analyse the five key demands of the always-on consumer. The modern consumer wants to be treated as an individual, and they expect marketers to know who they are, and what they like. This consumer expects the whole process to be as easy as possible for them, and they want a seamless cross-channel brand experience.

In essence, the always-on consumer has offered a great opportunity to marketers to develop reciprocal relationships with consumers, but it will no doubt be a steep learning curve for many. Businesses who approach the new consumer carelessly, may alienate them, so care will need to be taken . Thorough research is required before deciding how to maximise the benefits of this new opportunity for businesses, and those who put in the hard work now, will benefit most in the long run.

Digital trends

This info-graphic from  the CUBE outlines the five key demands of the ‘Always-On’ consumer so businesses can begin targeting them on terms the modern consumer understand. Does your business have the right approach?

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