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Everyday Tips You Can Use to Save Money on Tech

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Technology isn’t cheap, but it is fun, useful, and integral to business in today’s society. At the end of the day, isn’t everyone looking to save money, and yet still enjoy life? In an effort to help you save money on the devices and technology you want the most, here are a few tips to help you save big money on high-tech.

Save Money

Quality isn’t Found in a Price Tag

Are you buying into a brand? Sometimes, a bigger brand isn’t necessarily the better choice. Name brands can charge more because of their popularity, but that doesn’t always make them better. Do your research to determine if that big ticket brand name item is actually the best value. If you find a generic brand has similar reviews to the name brand, or perhaps even better reviews, go ahead and purchase your tech at a fraction of the cost.

Buy Used or Refurbished

If you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, your used or refurbished item may still include a warranty. Oftentimes, used or refurbished can result in hundreds of dollars in savings, and yet you’ll ultimately end up with the same high-functioning device.

Beware third-party sellers who may be falsifying information when they list their items on auction sites and sales sites, such as eBay or Amazon. They may be creating Frankenstein products, and not using the original hardware and components. On the surface, it may look like the actual phone or device you’re hoping to buy, but on the inside it’s something else entirely.

Look for Entertainment Packages, Bundles, Coupons, and Deals

When it comes to entertainment and programming, providers want your business. Because they so desire your business, they will offer lower-priced services when you purchase in a package or bundle. Or, they may be offering coupons or other deals.

For example, DirecTV offers comprehensive packages that are more beneficial to the customer. Signing up gets you 3 months of HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz (that’s a lot of high-tech, HD movie watching right there), and you also get the 2015 NFL season of Sunday Ticket included at no extra charge (how’s that for high-tech viewing). Refer to this link to learn more:

Sell Old Stuff to Fund New Stuff

Take care of your old gadgets and gizmos because you can turn your outdated tech into profit. Just like you can buy the items you want used, many people are interested in the used items you have online. So, keep all your gadgets in the best shape possible.

When you want something new, simply trade it in or list it on an auction site. There are some sites that will offer you’re a rebate for recycling your gadgets, so even if it’s in bad shape, there’s still a way to profit from it. You can put those funds toward the cost of new tech.

Old School Gadgets are Cheaper

The financial section of US News recommends looking to previous generations of tech to save money. “iPhone 5s may be popular among the tech cognoscenti, but if you’re price-conscious, consider an iPhone 4.” A step backward could net you hundreds of dollars in savings.

Remember, it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of buying because there’s always new tech emerging. In order to keep your costs down, it’s not recommended to constantly want and buy the latest device or service. Instead, take care of what you have, and make long-term plans for future big-ticket purchases. 

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