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Give your iPhone a Chic Touch: 2015’s Best Mobile Accessories for iPhone

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You use your iPhone for almost every means of communication, in this day and age. Gone are the days when an iPhone was a status symbol to be flashed around, and one doesn’t even have to wait in a snake line and that too overnight to grab one of these chic babies anymore. An iPhone with its amazing features, camera settings and the plethora of apps to choose from, making it a handy buddy to have around too. Do check out all ranges of Apple products at But hey, even before you do that, we suggest go explore a wide range of heart-stealing promo codes and discount deals for Target. Buying Apple products and a super variety of uber-cool technological gadgets have never been this easy, and well, pocket-friendly!

iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

Going ahead, have you kept yourself abreast with the latest iPhone accessories that can up the notch for your precious smart gadget? Here are five 2015’s iPhone accessories doing the rounds- take a look and make your choice.

4 in 1 lens by Olloclip

Wow, simply wow, we say when we talk about the 4 in 1 lens by Olloclip, and here is why we love or heart this accessory so much

  1. Amongst the best of all camera accessories for iPhones out there
  2. The lens is custom made to fit and works for the iPhone6 and Plus 6 with equal gusto
  3. From macro angle shots to fisheye and wide angle too, seasoned and novice photographers are the happiest lot using Olloclip’s 4 in 1 combo
  4. A lanyard with colourful plastic strips to keep the lens safe and protected
  5. Works for the rear and front cameras of the iPhone like a pro

Go ahead, click away and Instagram your memories and moments!

No more scratches

How annoying it is to use an iPhone with scratches on its screens, because your pet decided to give it a kick or maybe your son dropped it while playing one fine Sunday afternoon. While most teens would look at the scratch as a chic trend, would you want to flaunt the dilapidated at work, in front of your clients that too! What you need is a heavy-duty gladiator that would keep the panel protected and the smart gadget safe. No more scratches and nicks to deal with, not when you have the world of iPhone lovers going gaga over the lightweight yet tough glass cover for the display- the mPact Extreme Glass Protector, keeps the scratches away!

Sleek and chic apple 6/6 case

You love all things chic and trendy, why then would you want to compromise with the Apple iPhone’s case? A little on the steep side when it comes to buying the case, but the slim fit look and the case made from leather, is a pure smart investment that ensures the phone is kept protected for a very long time to come. Durable and very sleek, fashionable to flaunt too, and the rubbery texture allows perfect gripping as well, the apple leather case plus is a must-have!

Juice it up

What we mean is to have a backup for the phone when the charge takes a nosedive to the last bar standing. How annoying it is to get cut while an important call is on, all because the charge it low and the phone is unable to function sans the beeps to warn you of the cut! Mophie’s Juice Pack is the answer to all solutions and with a lightning dock connector inside, the phone is given up to sixty percent more charge life for you to enjoy! Who wouldn’t want a little extra battery!

Chic in the car

Belkin’s Car Vent Mount as a trendy accessory for the iPhones is now available with brackets that can be adjusted. Quite accommodating too, and the iPhone6 can now swivel front ways and back, and to the sides 180 degrees as well. While driving if you needed help with GPS directions, the mount now helps you with that. You could even check mails; listen to music videos and the works, using the Belkin’s Car Vent Mount accessory!

What are you waiting for, go online and check the reviews before you make a decision- enjoy the latest accessories for your iPhone now!

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