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How To Increase The Number Of Visitors To A Website

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Attracting visitors should be the main aim of every website owner. Unfortunately, many focus on tasks that don’t increase traffic. Instead, they worry about how a website looks and what features a website has. This is fine if you haven’t created the website to make money. In most situations, this is not the case, so it’s extremely important to find effective ways to send people to your website.

SEO website

Publish high quality, relevant content that can be shared easily

People visit websites that are informative, provide high quality content and include the products and services they require. The content you publish should be well researched, SEO optimized, with appropriate calls to action. If you publish high quality content there is a greater possibility that visitors will come back to your website. It’s also more likely that these visitors will share your content with other people who are interested in the type of content you publish. Make it easy for people to share your website content. Today’s content management systems have a wide range of plugins designed to make sharing simple.

On page Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned earlier, SEO is an important aspect of successful websites. On page SEO includes optimizing all of the components of a websites webpage. These components include the meta-data (title, description and keywords), headings, inclusion of keywords, inclusion of long tail keywords and internal linking. This optimization makes it easier for the search engines to find pages in a website when certain searches are made.

Add natural backlinks

Backlinks are the links included on other websites that link to your website. These external links help boost the rankings of your website for relevant keywords so that your website can be found more often. Backlinks include links from blogs, forums, social media websites and other web presences. However, tracking these links can be a difficult task. New tools like the Anchorium app are designed to track all these links. Anchorium is a free software that lists the backlinks to a specific website. It also includes search and bookmarking features. To find out more about how you can track backlinks to your website click here.

Pay for targeted traffic using Google Adwords

Paid advertising is a fast way to send traffic to a website. One of the most popular advertising platforms is Google Adwords. Website owners or advertising agencies create small ads that appear on the search engine results. These ads appear when you bid on keywords that are used by people looking for a particular product or service. If your ads gets clicked, Google sends the visitor to your website and you get charged a small fee for this click. This is an effective way to drive targeted visitors to a website, but it can be expensive.

Link to your website from your Social Media accounts

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have millions of members. People who visit these websites have various interests and hobbies. Creating social media pages or accounts dedicated to your niche has the potential to attract a lot of people who are members of these websites. Once you start attracting visitors, it’s then possible to send these visitors to your website by including links to it in your social media posts.

Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to communicate with your online audience. There is a greater likelihood of people returning to your website if you collect their contact details and communicate with them through email on a regular basis. However, it’s vital to send high quality, relevant information to your subscribers.

Add your website links to your videos on video sharing websites

Video sharing websites like YouTube have become some of the busiest websites on the Internet. This has presented a unique opportunity for website owners. Website owners can add as many videos as they wish to these websites. YouTube and similar websites let you add your websites URL to each video. You can also add clickable links in the description of each of your videos.

A website is just like a shop. Not getting traffic is the equivalent of not having customers call into a store. If no one visits, you have no customers. However the traffic sources above will lead to more visitors which leads to more customers.

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