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How to Recover Data from Windows 10

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You all are aware that Microsoft has been launched Windows 10 on July 29th. Take a scenarios where you directly cut the data but forgot to paste it or you carelessly clicked on the formatted button.  

Data loss is a fault situation in information systems, where data is destroyed either by failure or negligence while storing, processing or transmitting. Types of data loss include: human errors, file corruption, hard drive failure etc.

Recover Data Windows 10

Reasons for Data Loss

  • Accidental Deletion of Files: Deleting files accidently is a common issues these days. Problems increase when we remove them permanently (pressing shift and Delete button simultaneously) and from Recycle bin also.
  • Format without Backup: Sometimes it happens that users format their hard disks without taking a backup of the data, leading to data loss.
  • Virus Attack: Data loss also happens when systems are attacked by virus or malware causing fractional or complete harm to the data.
  • Corrupt partition: Corruption of physical and logical drives is also one of the common reasons for the loss of the important data.

How to recover data from Windows 10 Hard Drive?

Data losses occurrence on desktops are no different from laptops, but laptops being handier, are at high risk to data loss. This doesn’t mean that desktops are on safe side, data losses happen on them also, but risk factors lessens.

Similarly, recovering lost data from hard drives of Laptops and Desktop machines is not different. Both uses the same partition format: NTFS or FAT partition. An interesting fact about data loss is that, even after deletion of a file from the computer and laptop, it is still there on the hard drive ; its only the reference to that particular file gets removed. Which means “The data is there, but inaccessible”.

So, recovery is always an option; but unachievable by regular means. No one is technologically advance for doing this recovery process manually, so using some good recovery tool for recovering lost data is the best feasible option. The software chosen must boast of some qualities of being able to:

  • Provide 100% recovery results
  • Recover data formatted hard drives, lost partitions
  • Recover data from hidden partitions also

Data Recovery Wizard Software can be a good choice as it truly lives up to the above mentioned expectations with some added qualities. Tested on more than 3 TB HDDs; pretty fast program that scans and recovers all the data in no time. With options to choose from, it’s a single utility providing recovery options in 5 modes:

  • Recover Deleted Data: Scans and recover deleted files
  • Recover Formatted Data: Recovers data from formatted hard disks.
  • Recover Partition Data: Recovers information from hidden partitions also.
  • Recover Raw Data: Scan the whole disk, recovers lost and corrupted data “bit by bit”. Also allows option to recover particular files by selecting their extensions.
  • Disk Image Creation: Lets you copy your hard drive or creates a virtual copy of the hard drive for future use.

A purely Windows supported program, it runs smoothly even on the latest Windows 10 edition. In conclusion, recovering damaged, lost, corrupted data is not a problem at all, with this proficient data recovery tool.

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I am Adolf Parker, Software Developer in an enterprise. I am a passionate blogger also and wrote many blogs on Windows Data Recovery. I have developed many software and my latest software is Windows Data Recovery Software.  

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