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MTX Connect Offers Cheap DataSIM For Travelers Across Europe

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Anywhere in Europe and anytime across the region, travelers can now remain connected easily and cheaply with their near and dear ones with reduced Internet bills. MTX Connect holds the secrecy and has become affordable mobile internet service provider of the era.

MTX Connect is a GSM-based, data-only service provider in Luxembourg and is operating with its presence in 12 other European countries too. The company recently launched a mobile broadband internet access across Europe with a cheap dataSIM card for travelers.

Cheap DataSIM

The company says it is focussing on relieving travelers from unpredictable roaming charges while they are away from their country. With the MTX Connect they can be at peace of not paying a huge and mounting bill after returning back from tour. With just a single SIM one can travel across Europe. There will be neither any roaming charge for using it or any carrier swapping expenses while moving from one country to another.

The service provider offers different pricing schemes for different types of travelers. It starts from ‘Pay As You Go’ to ‘Monthly Pass.’ Travelers can choose the plan according to their needs. Low user can opt for 100MB plan valid for 24 hours and high user meanwhile can go for unlimited plan. If a person is traveling for a longer period, one can go for 30 days plan instead of the 24 hours one. So, with the MTX cheap dataSIM everything seems to be just tailor-made.

It is to take note the MTX Connect SIM is not made for making phone calls. However, it can be done through a different way. One can make voice calls with the help of chat apps such as Skype and Facetime. The SIM is provided in three variants – mini, micro and nano. A top-up balance can be added to it anytime after registration.

The SIM card comes free of cost and the company is presently offering free shipping for it. It is shipped internationally and takes around just 5 to 10 days to reach the destination, depending on the distance and other possible factors.

Registering the SIM is very easy and is done from customers’ end after inserting it in the mobile device. A 3G mobile phone is required to use it and it takes just couple of minutes to activate. Details of it are provided in the box. Even then if the problem persists in registering through a mobile device, one can try it through the website of the company.

Service of the SIM is good, but the speed of the internet may not be constant across all the countries or regions. This is nothing to do with MTX, but it is typically subject to the cellular networks of the location and the traffic volume it is experiencing at a certain time.

As of now the MTX Connect cheap dataSIM is operational in 13 European countries, but the company says to be adding up more countries in the European Union (EU) soon.

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