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MyCarAcc for Android Displays Exact Dynamics of a Car

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MyCarAcc 1.0 for Android measures car acceleration and speed with utmost accuracy thanks to combined use of both GPS and the in-device accelerometer. As a result, users can quickly learn true dynamics of their cars compared to factory values or pre-tuning parameters.

It goes without saying, car performance on the road is one of those things both professional and newbie car owners like to discuss, compare and test. While manufacturers do provide dynamics specifications, the consistency of these data with out-of-the-lab operation of a car is questionable. And when it comes to measuring acceleration of tuned or modified autos, the need for an accurate tool to evaluate true acceleration and speed of the car becomes even more evident.

MyCarAccMyCarAcc is an app designed to measure 0-60 mph or any other set acceleration with minimum efforts. In fact, only an Android device equipped with GPS and the accelerometer is required. To perform measurement, a user needs to find a straight road section without slopes or turns, run the app, wait until it finds GPS satellites and tap Start. Then, the user just gives his or her car full-throttle acceleration.

MyCarAcc uses a special acceleration measurement algorithm that compiles data from both GPS and the built-in accelerometer. While each of these methods individually cannot provide accurate acceleration data, when used in tandem they deliver maximum accuracy of measurement. A user can specify the upper speed limit manually, or use one of the predefined templates. The app saves statistics and allows the user to submit data to MyCarAcc´s website to compare his or her results with other car owners.

Whether a driver wants to compare real acceleration time of the car with manufacturer´s data or to estimate results obtained after repair or tuning of the automobile – MyCarAcc is a simple and functional app to get the result fast.

Pricing and availability

MyCarAcc 1.0 supports Android 3.0 or later. The app costs $2.


MyCarAcc application is created by an indie developer Anton Gladyshev.


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