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SoftSpire Zimbra Converter – Product Review

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Under the SoftSpire Solutions brand many software has been developed, Zimbra Converter has come under its wing after analyzing the issues users are having while exporting all data from Zimbra Collaboration Suite to Microsoft Office Outlook.

Whenever any new email client has emerged in the market, users have welcome it with open arms. It is now very usual for any email client to quickly get a vast user base in no time, but the question, can they withstand. Not so long ago Zimbra has capture the mind & machine of many users & rightly so, with so many incredible functions it provides. But, still it could not affect the fan base of MS Outlook. There are many arguments over this, but the two reasons which stand out are; first MS Outlook comes by default with MS Office package, so if a user’s change their machine or upgrade their existing Windows OS, they do not have to re-install Outlook, they just have to configure their account, but Zimbra has be install separately. Secondly, MS Outlook works for both home users & business/corporates as well, this gives it an added advantage.

But, the problem here is faced by those who are using Zimbra, but want to switch to MS Outlook. Unfortunately, both application lacks the option to export/import each other data. SoftSpire Zimbra Converter is the most suited option available for users wanting to import data from Zimbra Desktop to MS Outlook. This tool comes integrated with many advanced features, which can be easily analyzed after having a look at its working process.

Steps for Migration

Before starting the migration first, obtain the Zimbra Data. Zimbra can export data in TGZ format only, here are the steps to get the TGZ file:

  1. Open Zimbra Desktop/Collaboration Suite
  2. Now Click on Preference option, after that click on Import/Export option
  3. Check on Advance Settings, under the export section
  4. Choose all Data Type & click “Export”
  5. Choose a location to save the TGZ file, in a few seconds all Zimbra data will be exported in TGZ format
  6. Once the above steps are complete Unzip the TGZ file to further migrate into Outlook

Now to open the TGZ data in MS Outlook, migrate it to PST format with SoftSpire Zimbra Converter.

As the first screen appear, you can see there are 2 visible migration options available:

Zimbra Converter 1

Single Mailbox: Suitable when there is only a single mailbox available for migration

Multiple Mailboxes: Suitable when there are several mailboxes available for migration 

How the Single Mailbox Migration works:

First, choose the option “Single Mailbox” & click “NEXT”

Zimbra Converter 2

Click “Select” & then search & select Zimbra Mailbox from the “Browse for Folder” Window & click “NEXT”

Zimbra Converter 3

In the new dialog box, there is option for “Delete Source File(s), during conversion” tick on the option if you want to remove the data from Source location, otherwise leave it blank & click “Start Migration” 

Zimbra Converter 4

After the above step the software promptly ask you to choose a location where you want it to save the migrated Zimbra TGZ file, after that the process starts.

When the process is over, the software result will show “100% Complete” 

Zimbra Converter 5

How the Multiple Mailboxes Migration Works:

First, choose the option “Multiple Mailboxes” & click “NEXT”

Zimbra Converter 6

Click “Select” & then search & select Top-Folder containing the Zimbra Mailboxes from the “Browse for Folder”

Zimbra Converter 7 

Next, the software display the list of all the mailboxes saved inside the Top-Folder, tick on the corresponding box of “Check All”, to select all the mailboxes for migration at once.

Zimbra Converter 8

Click “Change” button to choose the location to save the files after migration & then click “NEXT”

Zimbra Converter 9

In the new dialog box, there is option for “Delete Source File(s), during conversion” tick on the option if you want to remove the data from Source location, otherwise leave it blank & click “Start Migration”

Zimbra Converter 10

When the process is over, the software shows the message “All Zimbra Mailboxes Converted Successfully”

Zimbra Converter 11

Next, Open MS Outlook and from File >> Open >> Outlook Data File, open the converted PST file.

Software Pros

  • First & foremost, does complete migration of Zimbra data – Mails, Contacts, Calendar and Task. There is no need to have separate software to import mails, separate for contacts & so on
  • Does not requires Zimbra Collaboration Suite or Desktop installation
  • Single Mailbox option available for those users who have 1 or few mailboxes only & does mind to have them saved in a single PST file
  • Multiple Mailboxes option available for those who have large number of Zimbra mailboxes, probably from different users account & need each mailbox saved in separate PST file
  • Accuracy of data is maintained by the software, it keeps the email components the attachments, layout intact. It keeps the all the contacts fields, imports calendar with reminder & other details & same with the Tasks file
  • Run the software in any Windows OS – including Windows 10

Software Cons

  • Multiple Mailboxes option is available with the ENTERPRISE License of the software only, with Personal License only Single Mailbox option is available
  • MS Outlook configuration with POP3 account is compulsory, else the migration will not be possible
  • The “Delete Source Files, during conversion” option is bit confusing, as user can accidentally check on the option lose their original Zimbra data after the migration
  • Works only with Windows OS, does not support Mac OS

Final Verdict

After evaluating all the factors of this software, it is easy to say that overall it is a productive solution for complete Zimbra Desktop data migration to Microsoft Outlook.

Its working is simple, each & every Steps are self-descriptive, which a user with minimum technical skills can easily understand

All this make the SoftSpire Zimbra Converter the user choice for Zimbra Mailbox migration.

Author Bio:

I am Sandra Williams, Software Developer in an enterprise. I have developed many software and my latest software is Zimbra to Outlook Converter.

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