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Ten Cool Things You Can Do With the Grand Theft Auto Game

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There are a lot of cool things one can do inside the Grand Theft Auto V Game. What’s good about the game it that it is created by intelligent people, making it a wickedly comic and relevant gaming experience any satirical or happy-go-lucky gamer would definitely enjoy. It features commentary and a different kind of view to the post-economic crisis of America. It features the Millenial generation, celebrities, the mass media, the middle class, and practically anything American and close to the truth.

Grand Theft Auto Game

To give you fans and non-fans of the Grand Games PC game ideas on what the Grand Theft Auto offers, here is a list of the top 10 cool things you can do while playing the Grand Theft Auto V. Breaking your budget is also not a problem. Simply compare prices of Grand Games PC at PricePanda.

  1. Attack Mimes for a surprise

Mimes are generally proliferating all throughout the Grand Theft Auto V game play. These supposedly non-speaking characters seem to be boring enough to catch one’s interest but the NPC character features something more. Break the character by attacking them with a club or any tool to get them really mad. The impressive thing is, their health is amazingly high so better bring two or more weapons, or even five.

  1. Several drug-capable plants around the series

Drugs are legal but are not suggestive in the grand Theft Auto V. Throughout the series, it has expanded the use of drugs. Players can find and consume peyote games all throughout the GTA V game.

  1. Bigfoot does exist

In the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas version, rumor claims that Bigfoot could be found in the forest. Players who are interested in seeking for the mythical beast are usually rewarded in the GTA V game with two missions involving the famous cryptid. Besides Bigfoot, several random shark fights and buried treasure can be enjoyed in the open-world game of the Grand Theft Auto III.

  1. Selfies inside the GTA V game

Selfies are not just popular in the outside world but also inside the GTA game play. The fun feature has been added to the game as a representation of the growing fondness of many people today in taking self-portraits. Fans and players of the game can post their favourite selfies from the game in the selfie section of the GTA official website.

  1. Side Missions

Besides having a main goal for the GTA game, having side missions also comes with the Grand Theft Auto 2 version of the GTA. Side missions are often equipped in almost every open-world game. For some reasons which remain unexplained, some missions may have a direct impact on the main story of the game, and some do not. Some side missions also lead to the creation of some of the ridiculous characters in the game series.

  1. Games within Games

Staying in shape is one of the many highlights in the Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas game, however, in the GTA V, you can opt to play golf or discover your inner chi by doing yoga when you suddenly become bored and tired of running after cops or running over innocent pedestrians.

  1. Merciless pigeon killers

Even with the several options one can do inside the GTA game, some players still tend to get bored. The Story mode and the side missions only serve as an entertaining part of the game for a few. To mix things up and to be able to insert an interesting achievement a player can do inside the game, the rats in the sky of the GTA world is highlighted by giving a token to anyone who manages to shoot and kill 200 pigeons in Liberty City.

  1. Playing catch with a grenade

The GTA world is just far from being ordinary. Man’s best friend is featured with a twist as it enters the Grand Theft Auto V realm. The dog may not be the first pet introduced in the series but it is the first one that can be tricked into playing with a grenade. What happens next with the dog is up for your imaginations to discover.

  1. Pun intended

Chasing police cars and running over pedestrians are not the only take of the GTA V when it comes to violence. It can also settle for simple gestures without having to go for a high-speed chase by putting your anger and road rage into a different outlet. Even while you are unarmed inside a car, players can simply press the left trigger to give a one-finger salute to your chasers.

  1.   Visit Area 69 and Skydive straight onto a yacht

The Alien-infested area 51 gets a remake in the game’s Area 69. The area is an off-limits no-fly zone in the GTA San Andreas version. If you manage to fly over this no-fly zone alive, you automatically receive a 4-star wanted level. Simply steal a jet to defend yourself from the government as well as from the possible escaping aliens.

The GTA game play lives up to the expectations of its wide variety of fans with the fun and entertaining highlights that can be discovered while enjoying the life inside the GTA gaming world offer.

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