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The Savvy iPhone User – Best weight loss apps for iPhone

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iPhones are among the most popular gadgets for some very good reasons. One of them is that they allow us to install and use countless cool apps that make our life easier. If you haven’t thought about this one yet, how about using your favorite phone to stay in shape? You’re going to need a list of the best weight loss apps for iPhone first, but you have it right here. Just read more and make up your mind.


How Can Your iPhone Help Your Weight Control

Every day, tens of new iPhone apps hit the market. Some of them are related to health and wellness and while they can’t give you all, they can sure make your life much easier. If you are wondering why and how you should use them, you’re in the right place.

First of all, iPhone apps are one of the best options because your iPhone is the only thing you’re never separated from. At home or on the go, somewhere quiet or in some place where you’re trying to pass unnoticed, your buddy waits for your fingers to feverishly touch the display. So it’s super handy, super fast and you’re already used to using it.

Second, iPhone apps are quite versatile. If you happen to have a smartwatch paired with it, you’re pretty good to go. Counting the steps you make throughout the day or the calories you take in with every meal or snack is a piece of cake. Furthermore, you should be able to receive suggestions on what types of workouts to follow, personalize a workout routine and track progress.

Last but not least, many of these apps are either free or available for a small fee. Either way, you won’t make a significant financial effort to use them. You can access, download and install at any time. Whatever it is that you register with them, you can have your weight loss efforts’ history at the fingertips. You gotta love these features, right?

How to spot the best weight loss apps for iPhone

So the good news is that you can always take advantage of new and cool apps. The bad news is that there are quite many apps out there. How do you know which one to test, so you won’t fill your device with useless apps that will slow it down?

You need to seize your options and know how to recognize a good one the first time you see it. The following attributes should help you easier scout through the endless sea of opportunities:

  • Touch support, for a more intuitive and faster experience;
  • Work offline availability – who needs an app that deals with your internet connection;
  • A responsive design – so that all the options, adjust to the display you’re using to access it;
  • User feedback – if they’re not interested in hearing from you, why should you care about their apps;
  • Customization options – the more you get to personalize it, the better will work for you;
  • Ongoing updates – just so you’ll be sure they care about constantly improving your experience;
  • One source for different environments – you never know when you’ll want to access your app from a desktop computer or any other environment;
  • Interconnectivity with similar apps – so you can bring more data together and focus on one main app;
  • As many weight loss features as possible.

The best weight loss apps for iPhone will gather most of the features above listed. No one said it’s going to be easy to evaluate them, but now at least you know what to look for.

And just to make your life a tad easier, we have also compiled a list with the best iPhone apps of 2015. So have a look at the following options:

Lose It– free caloric counter that works on iPhone 5 and lets you set up an easy and intuitive eating plan;

MyFitnessPal – an app that works on iPhone 6 and includes about 5 million food records and nutritional information, so you can monitor pretty much everything you eat;

Nike+ Training Club – an app that actually provides you with workout routines, all suggested by master trainers from Nike;

Pact – a more aggressive app, compatible with both iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, that promises you money if you stick to your goals and charges you money if you don’t;

Fooducate – an app that scans products’ barcodes and lets you know if they are really healthy choices or not.

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