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AdtoApp – Advertising Manager For App Developers

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When was the last time you downloaded a mobile app and didn’t have to deal with in-app ads? Can you remember a time? Sure, paid apps and premium versions of apps are usually ad free, but in a study done in 2013, 90% of iOS apps were reported as being free to download. This means that developers and publishers cannot rely on app, and in-app, purchases and have to make money from somewhere, and while donations are a novel idea, ad revenue is essential to a successful business model.


That’s where something like a mediation platform, AdtoApp, comes in. Coming off a recent funding round of $6 million, AdtoApp is headquartered in Los Angeles with employees and offices in Russia, Ukraine, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Silicon Valley. AdtoApp can be loaded using a single SDK that is only four lines of code and comes in at a tiny 7mb, meaning it’s not going to slow your app down. The SDK can be loaded in conjunction with any other solution and gives you options on ad banner locations. They are aligned with over 20 networks, including powerhouses like Amazon, MoPub, and Chartboost.

AdtoApp is a programmatic mediation platform designed to deliver the best ads to the most relevant users. AdtoApp does this by using an advanced algorithm designed to target 184 countries and 50 different user groups. Taking it a step further, AdtoApp will take into account your audience’s size and characteristics and add anywhere from 400 to 9,200 filters to pinpoint the best users. The company says that by using their SDK, apps can reach 100% fill rate and greater eCPM. eCPM has basically become the common term to refer to your total earnings divided by the total number of impressions in thousands. Unlike similar mediation platforms which seem to prioritize advertisers over app publishers, AdtoApp offers 24/7 customer service to publishers who use their SDK.  

In one statement by the cofounder, Denis Kravchenko stated that “Reaching a 100% fill rate, especially in the US, is easy,” but that is where AddtoApp can really shine, in other markets and developing countries. Using their algorithm, AddtoApp can deliver the best ads into the places they are most pertinent.

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