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Americans Clueless About Data Usage, at Home and Abroad

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More than half of Americans state they have no idea how much mobile data they use on a weekly basis. The other half is way off. And the delusional ones don’t think they use any data.

Data Usage

The survey findings, which are also highlighted in this infographic, reveal that the majority of mobile subscribers are unaware about their personal data usage and mobile behavior, both at home and abroad. According to Mobidia, today U.S. wireless customers consume 1.8 GB of cellular data every month. Compare this number to a 2012 Nielsen report, where average data usage was just 450 MB per month, and it’s clear to see that your mobile usage is increasing with today’s constant need to interact via email, message and social.

First thing to understand is that the majority of Americans only travel abroad a few times in their life, with 44% of survey respondents not having traveled abroad in over 2 years. When approaching this demographic, it’s essential to educate them on how travel expenses can easily add up and steering them in a budget friendly direction through helpful travel products, tips and tricks.

According to the survey, an alarming 57% of people “have no idea” how much data they use daily. This is dangerous for travelers because not knowing your data habits is one reason why roaming costs can add up quickly. Furthermore, over 73% of people do not have a current international plan as part of their mobile service and therefore, will need to buy data if they are going abroad (oh, and over 78% of them would prefer to pay $50 or less for data).

More than half of the respondents will opt to find Wi-Fi (60%), but this is not always accessible, especially when you are outside your home country and come across obstacles such as language barriers and/or weak signals. Additionally, over 50% think their only alternative to Wi-Fi is paying for data roaming or a fixed data plan from their mobile carrier. Both of these options can be expensive, unreliable and difficult for users to monitor usage.

“The majority of subscribers do not understand how to adapt their mobile habits when abroad. Some travelers choose not to use data and be unreachable while on vacation. But for many, traveling with a cellphone is practical and convenient, and can provide added security in unfamiliar territory, as well as making it easier to reach cab companies, airlines and the like.” – says Ilya Balashov, MTX Connect co-founder.

Americans want the advantages of data roaming, but without spending too much. Surprisingly, only 13% of respondents are aware of one of the more cost effective ways to travel with the data: buying a SIM card. MTX Connect now provides a pre-paid, data-only SIM card for tablets (including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) and smartphones, modems for notebooks, etc., which can be used across European borders in 30 countries providing far more convenience, competitive pricing and flexibility compared to major phone carriers.

Vacation isn’t the time to limit yourself. Travelers should enjoy and share their experiences on the go, without worrying about racking up the phone bill. Knowing your data habits and buying the right amount of data solves this issue. Educating America on how much data they really use and the mobile data options for travelers out there will ensure a better travel experience all around.

The survey was conducted by MTX Connect in August 2015 through Survey Monkey and consisted of 556 respondents in the USA.

LUXEMBOURG – September 3rd, 2015 – Today, MTX Connect, mobile operator providing data-only plans for travelers going to Europe, announced the results of a survey conducted among 500+ consumers, to help travelers avoid skyrocket data roaming charges and understand their data behavior while abroad.

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